1. M.A.94

    Best way to suck out excess engine oil

    This is a post for a friend who's car is slightly over filled. Is it OK for the oil level to be around half a cm over the max line, do the manufacturers take into consideration human error (or as some would call it idiot error). Secondly what's the best way to remove excess oil. Ideally...
  2. Gentabout

    Does Mobilo Always Suck?

    :fail:fail Had a situation on saturday where by I ended up with a 1 inch gash in the sidewall of the front tyre, now normally I would have changed the tyre myself and been on my way but due to a couple of ongoing injuries this would have been heavily advised against by the doctors and...
  3. Andy67

    How to Suck Eggs

    How to remove Road Tar from paint work. All you need is WD40, your finger & clean coth, spray it onto the tar , wait seconds then remove, Amazing... Quids in ££££ Does not damage your paintwork.. I Didnt know this untill i got a MB
  4. K

    S211 Third Row seats suck 1/2 way

    Hi all I was hoping for a happier post to start my forum membership with, but never mind. I dropped my 2007 e320 wagon in to a tyre dealer to have the two rears replaced yesterday. The third row seats were up at the time as I had used them that morning. This morning I went to chuck the...
  5. John

    M3s suck, they're so slow...

    Not as fast as this bell end's parent's car, well, for a while anyway... :bannana: How to kill your car - YouTube (Old clip alert)
  6. M

    Yet another kwikfit suck thread

    Just what any forum needs, more kwikfit bashing. I normally wouldn't even bother posting this, as I normally assume everyone has a bad day now and again and most things can be overlooked if they're innocent mistakes. To balls up a basic oil change though? I checked online for the price of an...
  7. D

    suck, squeeze bang blow

    While searching for an animation I once found on this topic for another thread (didn't find it) I found this instread YouTube - Top Gear News 15x07 Put a smile on my face so thought I'd post it Plus there is a MB t'shirt in it so it's kind of appropriate :D
  8. kraftwerk

    Suck my fluid

    What tool(s) do I need to suck power steering fluid from the system of my 129 500?
  9. Bits G

    Suck on that, M3!!

    What a Car!!!!:bannana:
  10. esox

    Suck squeeze bang blow.

    There often seems to be posts in here about engine choices,i am wondering what the statistics are,do the poll,lets see.
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