1. R

    Hello from Swindon

    Hello , I'm Rich from Swindon Bought a 2009 c200 kompressor two weeks ago. Really happy with it. I've had a couple of jobs to do already. New wiper blades as They were squeaking and ruined a quiet drive. And I had a troublesome heater blower motor which I swapped in about 5 minutes :thumb:
  2. T


    Hey all I'm new from Swindon, I bought my clk55 a couple of months ago so tonight I would join for help and advice also to meet other Mercedes enthusiasts [emoji41] Struggling to add a photo from the tap talk app [emoji30] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. D

    PC Autocare, Swindon

    Has anyone used and can give feedback on PC Autocare? New to Mercedes ownership and researching my servicing options. Thanks PC Autocare | Contact Us | Mercedes Servicing Swindon | BMW Servicing Swindon
  4. T

    Ntg1 2017 maps, anyone in swindon with?

    Don't suppose any one is in Swindon area who has latest map disc for ntg1, that would be willing to meet ul and lend me disc for a few mins? Thanks
  5. N

    Good Indi in Swindon

    I have recently come across a very good MB trained Indi in Swindon if anyone needs one. I have no personal affiliation to this guy. He was recommended to me and I thought I would give him a try, and was very impressed. PM me if you would like to be put in contact.
  6. N

    Indi near Swindon

    Can anyone suggest an Indi in the Swindon area please? Thanks.
  7. N

    Detailing in Swindon.

    Can anyone recommend a detailer for me in Swindon? Thanks.
  8. rusty55

    Detailing in swindon

    Hi as any one got recommendation in Swindon
  9. rusty55

    detailing in swindon

    Wrong listing
  10. rusty55

    Newbe From Swindon

    :thumb: Hi all just got my self a 1997 SL320 to enjoy so looked this site up
  11. W

    PC Autocare - Swindon

    Anyone got an email address for them or mobile number? Trying to arrange a health check on a potential purchase.
  12. W

    PC Autocare - Swindon

    Anyone got an email for them? Need to arrange a health check on a potential purchase.
  13. G

    MB Swindon thumbs up

    Credit where its due, MB Swindon earned themselves five stars servicing my 12-plate C350 last week. My local dealer at Oxford wanted over £400 for a B service with no offer of courtesy car or help. In contrast, Swindon quoted mid £300's to include collect/del or courtesy car. They also offered a...
  14. abecketts

    Mercedes Benz Swindon Parts

    Went to MB Swindon today to get a quote for replacement door mirror glass and the frame it sits on as the clips have failed on both door mirrors. £319 for each door mirror :eek:, I was stunned and will be off down the scrap yard for a complete mirror assembly for about £60.
  15. Mr. B

    What to do in Swindon

    On Weds 9 May I will find myself in Swindon for the day (son having interview). Is there anything of interest in the immediate area to pass a little time ???
  16. NW_Merc

    Any members in or very near to Swindon

    I need a favour from one of you. Nothing illegal, I want to buy something off ebay but due to the weight of, the item isnt very big but is possibly heavy (ish)........the seller won't post it out himself. Will need it picking up and then posting out to me.........via courier. Anyone...
  17. B

    Body works in Swindon area

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a good and cheap body shop. I need to get my Golf resprayed (full body spray). The car I bought a year ago in Bristol from some bloke who didn't realy care about it, so it's in a really bad condition. So if you could point me somewhere I would be happy :) I have been...
  18. C

    Bowling 23rd swindon

    right were planning a bowling trip a few members are game so far please add ur name if you would like to join us????:thumb: http://www.tenpin.co.uk/bowling-swindon.html
  19. SimonsMerc

    Well done Swindon!

    BBC NEWS | England | Wiltshire | Town switches off speed cameras -simon
  20. crockers

    Received this from MB Swindon....

    • Cars up to 1 year old receive 5% towards maintenance costs.* • Cars 1-2 years old receive 10% towards maintenance costs.* • Cars 2 years old and over receive 20% towards maintenance costs.* • Half price MOT Test with every service. • Complimentary health/safety check • 20% towards...
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