1. gr1nch

    Unmanned Systems of World Wars I and II

    Whilst looking on my TV guide I stumbled a fascinating National Geographic programme on WWII technology and part of it was on radio remote controlled aircraft. The adapted bombers streamed video to companion manned aircraft! Had no idea. And why did Drones become the common term for UAvVs...
  2. markjay

    Infotainment test: best in-car entertainment systems reviewed

    Infotainment test: best in-car entertainment systems reviewed | Auto Express

    All systems icarsoft i980 scan tool

    For sale new GENUINE icarsoft i980 all systems scan-tool used once fantastic bit of kit the best scan tool for Mercedes apart from Star in totally new condition, with full instructions and up to date software and padded case with leads. I paid £136 for it but will swop for the same tool for...
  4. Gollom

    Fiscon Pro Bluetooth for Mercedes - MOST NTG1/NTG2 audio systems

    Fiscon Pro Bluetooth for Mercedes - MOST NTG1/NTG2 audio systems (37564) These are selling for up to £380 - happy to take £290 ONO for a quick sale (I want to replace the old-skool COMAND in my ML) Totally seamless functionality - came from my W211 so I know it is working. Complete with...
  5. Alfie

    Anyone encountered any ridiculous road closures / traffic systems?

    It seems to me that pretty much everywhere I drive these days there are roadworks of some sort or another. Not only do these take an inordinate length of time to complete (job preservation I suspect), they are often il-timed and badly planned. Reading. Not a town I have ever liked mainly...
  6. jonnyboy

    Home security - alarms and cctv systems

    All Anyone got any recommendations for alarm systems and cctv systems? I am likely to install myself in the coming weeks as my arm continues to heal but I am unable to do any heavy (real!!) work. We looked at an alarm company doing one for us a couple of years ago as ours needs updating but...
  7. stevebgt1

    issues with Exhaust Systems Only ?

    Whilst deciding what to do regarding pipes for my C63, I am reading that some people have issues after fitting aftermarket exhausts ? Things like Engine Management lights coming on, and flat/fluffy spots on throttle etc.... I am NOT re-mapping, just purely going for sound improvement... Should...
  8. stevebgt1

    Milltek/Aftermarket exhaust systems

    Hi guys, Well after nearly a week of ownership of my C63 507, I am starting to think about louder pipes ! Milltek seems to be one everyone are using. Are there any others that are as good ? And does anyone know of anyone within a sensible distance of South Manchester that fits them and sets...
  9. Merc Owner 2B

    Does anyone understand the MB entry/alarm systems?

    I realise that over the years there must be different protocols for locking/unlocking cars with their remotes. A few years ago, whilst in France, someone opened my ML250 (W166) whilst I was in a service station. They stole our mobiles from the centre glove box and relocked the car. When I came...
  10. L

    Software update for mercedes SL firmware update for APS command systems?

    Hey all, so iv got a 2006 SL 55 and the ntg1 command can be really slow to respond and freezes up when playing certain mp3 format discs which iv burnt myself on my mac computer dry and drop simple method, is there a firmware update for the head unit available to fix such issues? does this update...
  11. S

    any IVI systems for a w210 300d wired w123 ?

    Hello! My friend's revamping a w123 inside-out, and will be laying out the cables from a w213 300d. His goal is a nice/suitable HD screen/infotainment system. He gave me this as a reference: For 2007~2011 Mercedes Benz C280 C350 C63 - Car HD Screen DVD GPS Radio TV BT CDC SWC MFD HD Screen...
  12. C

    2 x Origin B2 systems for sale with long subscriptions

    'm selling my Origin B2 units. They're both in good working condition with update subscriptions that end in December 2015. Whilst Origin have been sold to Road Angel, the update service is fully supported by them so there would be no problem with taking over these units once the subscriptions...
  13. AshC63

    Valvetronic exhaust systems or De-cat ?

    Hi I'm Curious to know... Who's used a Valvetronic exhaust system of any type? Does it consist of a complete kit with a remote or is it a part system? Did you rate it money well spent ? I'm guessing that the main benefit is being able to choose when you want a loud exhaust...
  14. R

    Car audio for sale all high quality items Focal,DLS,JL audio,Audio systems,genesis,

    Hi guys getting rid off loads of car audio products that i have acquired over the years, these are all high end products which have cost me a lot of money but are know surplus to requirements. Speakers:- Audio system radion 165 plus 6.5" component speaker system unused brand new boxed complete...
  15. Melk63

    For Sale Dension Gateway 500 iPod kit interface for mercedess MOST systems Dual FOT

    Please see eBay auction: eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  16. Bobby Dazzler

    Home control systems - recommendations?

    I quite fancy one of those fancy home control systems, for controlling appliances, lighting, etc. No fixed ideas, but nothing grand (read expensive), and ideally not requiring additional cabling, just based on existing power cables and Wi-Fi. As a minimum I would like to control mains...
  17. John_Doe

    Anyone familiar with sprinters and bleeding diesel fuel systems

    Long story short I've managed to disable my van! I was changing glow plugs and one snapped. So after all my cursing and removing much more then I needed to I finally got the bottom of the glow plug out. But in my ignorance I took off a fuel hose and let air in to the system. So after more...
  18. KillerHERTZ

    @yourCOMAND - The Future of Infotainment Systems

    Mercedes @yourCOMAND previews the future of infotainment systems The telematics future of Mercedes-Benz. @yourCOMAND: always online for more information, safety and comfort For many people, unrestricted access to information has become an indispensable part of their daily lives - be it at...
  19. BillyW124

    Mercedes Apporved Alarm Systems

    Hi Guys, i'm interested in a kit that member Horgantrevor is selling in the classifieds section: i would like to fit this to my coupe, in the name of 'originality' would this be applicable to a 124? apparently the documentation said it can be fitted to a w202 , w210 , w140 s class...
  20. markjay

    ADAC Collision Avoidance Systems test - 1st place goes to Volvo

    For the German speakers among you: For everyone else, I am sure that there is a translated version somewhere on the net...
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