1. WDB124066

    Taiwanese authorities tear Lamborghini apart

    Right up there with drug control laws and the Australian's exporting immigrants who commit crimes. Taiwanese authorities tear Lamborghini apart | Stuff.co.nz
  2. V

    Artico/Dinamica wear & tear...

    I've had my 2013 C-Class with the Artico/Dinamica seats for about 5 weeks now. Just general use - 5 days commuting to and from work (60 mins per day combined) plus general farting about at the weekends - I've done about 1600 miles in 5 weeks. About 3 weeks ago I noted a small tear on the...
  3. Dazkeirle

    Small tear in MBLUX on Drivers boster, repair to sell or leave?

    Hi, I have a 2005 CLK 220 CDI that I am about to sell. The interior is very good nick for 87k, only issue is that there's a small, 4cm tear in the drivers bolster. Past quotes have been around £100 to redo the "vinyl" as can't be easily repaired. I've had a bit of duct tape over it and not...
  4. marm1te

    Windscreen wear & tear

    My windscreen is 8 years old and has lots of tiny (micro) chips and abrasions. Is there anything you can do to polish these out or improve the smoothness of the glass again?
  5. R

    Repair tear and re-colour worn seats? Recommendations?

    Hi, I've got one tear in a door leather lined panel, the seats require repainting to bring back up to standard, there arfe also a couple of scuffs that could do with a light touch-up (leather fill + paint). Does anyone have any recommendations for a quality company to do this? Quality +...
  6. del320

    Here's something to bring a tear to a glass eye

    I was unable to add to MOCAŠ' "Spotted in London" thread nor did I wish to further confuse the "What is this Car" thread. So, feast yer minces on this 23 minute film from 1970. I could not see a single Mercedes but plenty of new-fangled Rover 2000s, spivs Jag MkIIs and S Types and posh...
  7. L

    his teammates are going to tear him a new one

    i know we're not really allowed to talk about football (for whatever reason) on here but just read this about kolo toure BBC Sport - Football - Man City defender Kolo Toure 'took wife's slimming aid' and in the article it says his season is over, i'm sure he is praying that.. cause i can see...
  8. The Boss

    This is stunning.... a tear to my eye even :)

    I am lost for words.... This is what makes Mercedes so damn amazing.. heritage, passion, attention to detail, enthusiasm, pride... what a tribute! and the music isnt half bad.. very fitting! wow... 86Anl-xLyBQ 0C6c5eyvb1s
  9. crockers

    Is this a garage fault - or fair wear and tear ?

    Hi I was wondering if the technical experts could answer a question for me before I approach the fitter on Monday. I appreciate it is not a Mercedes related problem - but I think more a "generic" one. My wife's Honda CR-V in February had a grinding noise from the rear so I took it in to the...
  10. AANDYY

    Steering wheel-E300 W210-62K.miles-wear & tear

    Here are some pictures of my steering wheel. Question is, is this acceptable wear for 62k miles? Did the other owner have greasy/moist hands :confused: I have cleaned the wheel, do the lighter wheels wear quicker? Oh thats three questions :o
  11. R

    23mpg..made me shed a tear

    1999 E55..spent 87 years contemplating whether to buy one due to size of engine etc etc but have filled up after 150 miles twice now at an average of 23.2mpg. i was stood at shell sobbing like a child out of happiness. ive had a impreza doing around 22 and an alfa doing 20! great great car..:)
  12. W

    Tear in W211 perforated leather

    Hi. My dad sat in his w211 only to rip the leather with the pen in his pocket. We have cleaned the marks from the seat but it is torn in the shape/size of a 1p coin but about 2/3rds round (rest is still connected to the seat). He tried a repairer but they said they couldn't fix it and MB want...
  13. Glenleven

    MB Lex Tear

    I have just put two small tears in the "Plasticky" part of my rear MB Lex seat. Its on the smooth bottom side part / lumbar support and it is white underneath which makes me presume it must be the plastic as it seemed to tear rather too easy. I need some advice regarding repairing it. Has...
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