1. J

    Ml 350 Blue tech 2013 wheels ?

    Hi All I have just purchased a very nice ML 350 AMG Bluetech 2013.However to get the most out the car I am looking to downsize the very impressive 21 inch wheels and tyres down to say 18 or 19 in with some winter tyres for the coming winter. With all the codes and abbreviations W 166,164...
  2. stevenchu

    Found this tech help for R107 and other too

    Mercedes-Benz SL-Class R107 (1972-1989) Technical Articles – Pelican Parts Hope this help guy
  3. M

    ML350 BF / B tech

    Thinking of getting a Ml350; what should i look out for; what are the running costs like?
  4. D

    old tech vs new tech

    I have a new E63 (65 plate) loaner car for a day or two - fine car but after driving the new C63 for a few weeks the gulf in the in car technology is really apparent. Mostly it is the dials and sat nav screen which look ancient in comparison to the new cars dials and nav technology. The W205...
  5. C

    are MSL & MB Tech one and the same?

    Hello, Seen both names mentioned think they are one and the same but wish to be sure. if not, anyone used MB Tech and any thoughts please? Ta
  6. S

    South West In Car Tech - Remap C220

    Hi All Has anyone ever used this company before or had any dealings with them?? South West In Car Tech - Technology...Working They are in the Bristol area and was thinking of using them for a re-map, but don't know what they are like with Mercedes. On a C220 blue efficiency they...
  7. Dee James

    Gem Tech Romford

    Booked my ML in to investigate a power loss issue on Monday, dropped it off this morning within two hours the issue had been diagnosed I had been called parts ordered and I picked it up, fixed this evening. Impressed.
  8. adile220

    MB Tech Kent

    Hi, Looking for a specialist in the Kent area. Best, adil
  9. G

    MB Tech Warrington

    Just had my W212 E350cdi serviced at MB Tech, the service was brilliant and the cost very competitive. I would have no problem recommending them to anyone. Work carried out, major service, brake fluid, gearbox oil and filter and air on anti bacterial treatment.
  10. MrZane

    mobile star tech in south london

    hi there, ive been searching through the forum and have not come across any info yet on this to help me. i live in sw london and recently had a problem with my c200 cdi w203. i have put right all the bits that i think have gone wrong and still am failing to start my car. ive come to terms that i...
  11. karlos280

    Thanks to shane at MB TECH warrington

    Very helpful guys at MB tech in Warrington Sorted my car out with there star diagnosis software system. Would recommend.
  12. F

    C43 Air con tech info

    Hi fella's i took my C43 down to have the air con re gassed at my local Kwik Fit. They said that usually the specs of the type of refrigerant and amount needed are normally on a sticker on the vehicle and they could not find it. The type of refrigerent is listed in the owners manual but they...
  13. D

    Anti Fraud Tech

    I just called my bank and before "going through the security questions" I was told that they had already authenticated my voice and what could they do for me? I was dumbstruck but also a little impressed. I did ask what if I had a cold or a sore throat either of which they claim to be able to...
  14. Bri

    M B tech Warrington

    Hi all just want to say what great service ! Took my w211 to M B tech this morning for front wheel bearings re-greased as advised on M O T. They took 2 wheels off re- greased 1/2 hours work while sat and read a Mercedes mag £25 fist class service great price (take note stealers) and then a good...
  15. O

    Airmatic "visit the workshop" finally with MB tech

    Finally manged to get MB tech diagnoses this issue I have been having for awhile. Which shows up as a leak in the pressure line!!! Left the car with them and Hopeful can get to the bottom of this issue.:(:(
  16. MOR8A

    One to answer from a Merc Tech please. W211 E55 brakes

    Have been told that when installing new pads to the W211 E55 with SBC, that you need to tell the car via star that this has been done (informing it that new pads have been fitted)........also that a check needs to be done on the sbc pump this all true? I want to change my own...
  17. H

    C240 estate wont start - tech help needed

    I have a 1999 Mercedes C240 V6 2400cc petrol, with 100k on the clock. It has full Mercedes service and one owner from new - it is in mint condition. The car will crank over but will not start. The fuel pump does not run when the ignition is turned on or when the engine is cranking over...
  18. gurpz

    Top Service From AMG Tech Ltd in Leamington Spa

    I bought a complete C43 AMG brake set up from AMG Tech and went down mid last week to get the lot fitted along with a few other small items, by his garage and have to say was more than impressed with the level of service I received from Victor and all the members of staff working there. A...
  19. P

    BMW owners hit by high tech theft

    "There is no specific BMW security issue here. We, like our customers and those of other manufacturers, are victims of this new high-tech organised crime." BBC News - BMW owners hit by high tech theft BBC One's Watchdog on Wednesday 12 September 2012 at 2000
  20. E

    Top Tech Pressure Washer - WAS £99.99 | NOW £33.99

    Hi Guys, These pressure washers were so popular they were a total sell out! that they are back in stock, you’ve one last chance to grab one (and this time we’ve reduced the price EVEN further!).... View the offer in html - Euro Car Parts
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