1. N

    AMG GTS tested against other sports cars - great videos

    Hi gents, I thought you might be very interested in watching these videos (quality is really good, made me think that these guys would be much better than the new top gear team IMO)... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7SuBv6vf4Y&list=PLGvTvFzdMg_NhD2PTEHfli18aDuwlOdKH&index=14...
  2. E

    Our Triple QX C3 now tested and approved by Mercedes

    Great News! Our Triple QX C3 Engine Oil has been tested by & Approved by Mercedes for the 229.52 specification. What This Means: Any oil can 'meet' a specification, but our Triple QX 5w30 C3 Engine Oil has been APPROVED by them - This means that it could be used in a vehicle of any...
  3. D

    Thinking of buying (and tested) a B class -W246 - advice needed about comfort

    Hi to all and many thanks for reading and possibly replying. In my search for a reliable car , I recently tried a W246 B class - sports tourer. I came to the following conclusions about the seats comfort but I would appreciate to have feedback as well. 1. The back seats are very uncomfortable...
  4. ioweddie

    Tested a new c class c220 sport today

    Had a new c class C220 sport bluetec today, compares very well with my 62 reg amg sport plus C220. The new one was a smoother to drive as its on 17" alloys and has comfort suspension, mines on sport suspension and 18's the interior is slicker than mine, but the seats are a tighter across the...
  5. Silver CL55

    Tested a 2007 ML63 today…wow

    I must say they shift a bit! ML63 or CL63 net for me I think, it was soooo much better than the 4.8s Cayenne I drove a few days ago. What a noise too! C.
  6. brucemillar

    Meanwhile in Kent- The clever dumb balance theory is tested again

    A man had a lucky escape after he used a petrol-soaked rag to light a bonfire - and created a fireball. He then accidentally kicked over a petrol can and the fire spread to decking and an outhouse. Two fire engines from Dartford and one from Thames-side were called to a garden in Button...
  7. bpsorrel

    New CLS tested :)

    Today I got my first opportunity to drive the new CLS, with the 350cdi engine. In a word - glorious! This has turned all my previous thoughts around (about diesel too) concerning the new shape CLS. I much prefer the interior - it's very stylish and comfortable and feels like a new...
  8. bpsorrel

    A new MB tested..

    While SWMBO is swamped with a huge translation project for the next few weeks, I've taken advantage of some free time I have to test some of the cars that sit happliy on my "next car contenders" list! So, friday I tried an E350cdi coupe. In a word, I loved it! Way more refined and...
  9. DSLiverpool

    Tested An E Cab Today

    Was a 250d but it didnt seem underpowered, exeptionally well screwed together however it was brand new. Nice airy cabin, nice dash even though it was the low rent one and when the roof was down you hardly noticed a draft (we raised the little tennis court ne above the windscreen). I cant...
  10. whitenemesis

    How MB Tested the C class

    To Hell and Back: What Your Car Goes Through Before You Buy It
  11. G

    slk230 star tested no live?

    mb mechanic ran car through stat computer ,only fault with the car is eng managment light on,runs ok . computer says no live to enable it to read ecu, it will run through outher tests, any ideas ?2002 230 slk
  12. R

    WOW! - Tested SLK55 AMG at Mercedes Open Day...

    Whilst waiting 40 minutes for the test I had a spin around the track as a passenger in an E350 sport very nice handling particularly nice when we hit the 40 degree banked curve at 110MPH! Then we did an ABS test at 90MPH which was all very impressive! Anyway after some more coffee and sandwiches...
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