1. P

    Microswitch thingy under drivers footwell carpet.

    I cleaned my new 124 for the first time tonight and had the carpets out for a poke around. Under the driver's footwell carpet theres a small bracket with a wire to a sprung-loaded things that appears to be a microswitch. I have so many questions that I hope the Haynes manual that I have on...
  2. M

    Bluetooth thingy for vito

    As it says please, I'm after a Bluetooth thing to put on the dash and connect a phone for a 59plate vito please. Marc
  3. Scott_F

    Awesome Re-Mapped Zillion BHP Weistec Thingy..... ain't. Due to the demise my of faithful daily driver I needed something in a hurry and consider myself extremely fortunate to have bagged this beauty: The price was not inconsiderable (I'm talking well into three figures here) but quality costs. And since I know...
  4. Frostytel

    blue thingy anyone know what this is

    just fitted a new accel pedal to the cl500 and done a few other jobs when I noticed this blue thing was clicking an awful lot any one know what it does ??? cheers Terry
  5. sherco450

    vito spec compartment thingy

    kids bought me a pair of sun glasses . First pair l might add. Excited as l can be , l have a storage area in the Vito l say. Well you can only get some look over reading frames in there. Completely useless . l guess lt will be useful to store some gum.:confused:
  6. lisa110rry

    put her away in the garage, should i add a dehumidifying thingy?

    Good evening all, As usual a question from me. Over the weekend I put the little green meanie away in the unheated detached garage. Do you think I should add one of those little cartons of salts that remove humidity in caravans in the cockpit? Your comments will be much appreciated. ...and...
  7. Simzy

    Slider cover Thingy

    Hello At the risk of sounding like an idiot here but can anyone tell what the is the name for the cover that slides over the lighter and cup holder compartment on a mercedes c220 cdi 2001 as I need a new one(Previous owner broke original). I am trying to purchase a replacement but...
  8. Fryingpan78

    W211 window ledge thingy...

    Hi All, I spend a fair amount of my sunday evenings on my E55, which is generally in good shape: But I'm struggling with the bottom of the windows. Seems to be bad watermarking or staining of some kind. It only shows when really close up, but its bugging me. Any suggestions or help...
  9. L

    02 vito 112cdi gear linkage thingy

    Hi I have had a garage look at my gear linkage as the gear change is very stiff, he says there is no room for adjustment and that all I need is new bush's/counterweight thing, I am unsure of what part it is but he says it comes with a new gear linkage, I dont want to spend out on a new...
  10. Bobby Dazzler

    Where can i get a light switch hood, hat, shield thingy

    I'm going to mount a wireless PIR sensor on a tree trunk which is really intended for inside use, rather than outside use. They work file when protected by the soffit so I'm planning to shield it in some way, to protect it from water and other debris falling from above. The PIR is the same...
  11. Skunkmonkey

    Passenger mirror reverse auto dip thingy.

    Does the ability to auto dip the passenger side mirror when engaging reverse only work with the memory seat option? Ta.
  12. Godot

    Interactive Thingy

    National Museum of the U.S. Air Force - Virtual Tour :D
  13. K

    Merc ML Jeep thingy's how good ???

    Hi All, This is my first post, my wife has just bought a CLC 220 sport CDI, and as I am into my classics/spare vehicle I fancied getting an old Merc, either a Jeep 4 x 4 as I have just sold my old Rangerover, or preferably an old Merc estate a W123 model..... I have 2500 cash but that would...
  14. G

    Origin B2 speed camera database thingy

    Recently removed from my other half's car and now no longer required. Comes with original box, full instructions and CD. Same as this: - The place for Speed Trap Detectors, Sat Nav and Fish Finders £100 delivered.
  15. Gollom

    W208 audio thingy - what is it?

    W208 thingy in boot - what is it? Behind the drivers side trim in the boot is a black box with white and yellow wires going into it. Guessing it is something to do with audio - but what exactly? Enquiring Minds need to know! Part numbers on it: Mercedes Benz 2108001048 007 828-21 0022...
  16. PJayUK

    Automatic oil level check option thingy...

    I noticed today when I turned on the ignition on my W210 that it pops up a message asking if I want to check the oil level. All very clever but how do you accept this kind offer and tell it yes??? Consulting the manual doesn't disclose the answer, and a random press of all of the buttons only...
  17. M

    Any owners of Sony Giga Juke thingy - opinions

    I'm tempted to put all of my music onto the hard disk thing that Sony does: NAS-E500HD. Anyone got one of these or the earlier version? Any opinions on how easy it is to live with, and whether the speakers are general sound quality are OK for typical living rooms?
  18. I

    Blackberry UHI cradle thingy...

    I currently have a 6310i cradle fitted to the Comand/telephone thingy in the M Class. I want to be able to fit a Blackberry. Can anyone confirm if this is the bit I need? Many thanks.
  19. T

    Wierd black thingy

    I've just noticed today that there is a black module hanging from the back bumper that was probably previously held inside the bumper by a sticky pad. Any ideas what it might be ?? It is probably about 3cm x 4cm and has an electrical wire running from it ?!? Thanks Ben.
  20. reflexboy

    Harman Kardon iPod thingy

    Good morning-Has anyone used one of the Harman Kardon iPod Play and Drive devices? I have an FM transmitter for the iPod, but the reception is awful. This unit seems to have a wired FM modulator that plugs inline with the antenna connection at the back of your radio..Are they any good, recption...
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