1. portzy

    Tip Function

    This problem may well be one of the operator not fully understanding what this feature does but here goes. There are times, when, because of RPM and road speed, that I know I am in what would be fifth (auto). I attempt to 'Tip' to fourth and so on by briefly applying left pressure to the shift...
  2. C

    W202 regular cleaning tip

    Have you ever washed your C-class, chamios'd it down, admired it and then gone back half an hour later to find dried - on water stains underneath the door mirrors ? That's because somehow water gets in behind the seals during hosing down, and then sneaks out when you're not looking. Answer is to...
  3. mark.t

    mobile hands free tip

    if your handsfree kit and phone no longer connect with each other simply clean connectors on both phone and cradle with a pencil and rubber (run the pencil over the connectors then rub off with rubber )then wipe off this has worked on both my hands free kits and now they work perfectly....model...
  4. Satch

    IE Explorer tip

    May be old hat to some but news to me and it worked very well. Daily Telegraph "Boot Camp" section today gave tip to clear out the DNS data cache which can become clogged and slow things down. So you do a manual flush via the Command prompt, so: click "Start" menu click "Run" icon...
  5. mark.t

    tip for credit card use on line

    if you use your card on line check these settings to help prevent fraud...or someone obtaining your information 1..internet options..ADVANCED..SCROLL TO BOTTOM...IN SECURITY... CHECK BOX.."DO NOT SAVE ENCRYPTED PAGE TO DISK" 2.internet options..GENERAL..HISTORY..SET DAYS OPTION TO ZERO TO...
  6. JOM

    For Sale SLK 320 Tip

    For Sale SLK 320 Tip offers over £19K 17,500 miles. Metallic Black. Black Leather heated seats 17" AMG Alloy wheels - Just been reconditioned fMBsh 2000 "W" with Private cover-up registration plate Blaupunkt MP3 DAB stereo Bluetooth handsfree, 2 Previous owners 12 month MOT...
  7. pepper&boulou

    Good tip for caravanners of motorhomes,

    If anyone has a caravan or caravanette/ motorhome with plastic windows that are scratched rub Tcut or equivilent onto them it brings them up like new .It's hard work but the end result is amazing. :bannana:
  8. simonl

    Chrome exhaust tip mod (pre-facelift SLK)

    My first (small) venture into the wonderful world of modding. I recently swapped my nasty rusty exhaust tip with a nice new shiny one. Here are some piccys: :) before: part: hopefully you can an idea of the improvement from this piccy. probably could've got a better...
  9. Gizmo750

    Buying abroad tip!

    Hi all, Noticed a couple of threads on here mentioning import duty etc charged by UPS and the good old VAT man on stuff bought from the USA. Just a little tip you might like to try - it has worked for me many times. If you can convince the friendly retailer / seller in the States to...
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