1. Y

    CLS 55 AMG Auto Gearbox tiptronic question

    My son has a 57 plate CLS 55 AMG with an auto gearbox but has the facility to change up and down using the gear lever also however this does not appear to be working. The gearbox itself works perfectly smoothly when in drive or reverse however in drive when he (or I) move the gear lever to...
  2. Vejay

    Gear selector tiptronic problem

    Sometimes when I start car as you go to reverse it jerks back the move on to drive and back jerk forward if you drive first only if you try to shift to park stops at neutral unless you turn off ignition. Go through this stop start a few times and it's ok again for a day or two or maybe an...
  3. M

    E240 tiptronic gearbox broken, what else fits

    Hi Have an E240 W210 V reg with a tiptronic gearbox, seems as if the gearbox is dead as slips and holds gears then when it does work changes really harshly. Fluid change and oil filter not an opition as I think there was water ingress when the rad split. Have got a preface lift car that I can...
  4. marty359

    W202 spares or repair, 2000 V reg with tiptronic

    I've had this a few months and it's been a great car but unfortunately it now has an EIS fault. I've managed to override the switch so the dash lights come on and it will go into neutral so it can be moved but that's about it, it wont start. Year 2000 on a V plate. C200 elegance in Silver...
  5. Taliska

    Looking at C220 Estate - thoughts on Tiptronic, please

    Hi, Just summoning up the courage to get another car (only happens every 10 years or so) - I'm looking at a 1-2 year old C220 Diesel Auto Estate. Question: is it worth getting Tiptronic, or not? I do 17k miles per year - mostly on motorway or country A road. As I get older, I drive more and...
  6. B

    2010 ML350Cdi BE Sport Tiptronic

    The time has come to move on and my ML is for sale, it has been a lovely comfy, quick car thats more like a limo than 4x4. Absolutely first class condition, no scratches or parking dings, unmarked interior leather/alcantera, full service history including recent service next service due in...
  7. R

    W208 tiptronic gear shift/selector

    Hi, I am looking for a W208 gear shift/selector for a 2001 CLK200 if anyone has one for sale, thank you.
  8. Lenny63

    Blue c43 estate - 2000 - tiptronic

    Quite rare to have tiptronic - Bodywork needs attention in quite a number of places but same owner last 6 years and FSH with 3 keys http://bit.ly/1ilYzoG I like it !!
  9. J

    W208 CLK320 tiptronic 1999

    Hi all, could really do with some advice. Went to sort out my ATF leak today all I needed to do was change the gearbox harness plug but when fitting the new one I have been a tit and over tightened the bolt and stripped the thread :doh: Do I now need 2 change my gearbox? If so does anyone know...
  10. M

    Tiptronic playing up ?

    Hi Guys, I had a new battery on my CLK 230k (2000yr.) last week. I noticed when on a run the other day, that if the gearbox changed down from Drive to 4th, e.g. for a small incline, it will not change back up unless I wiggle the gearlever (as if changing manually) quite a few times and...
  11. danax

    C43 AMG Tiptronic W reg (2000)

    MERCEDES BENZ C43 AMG (2000) | Plymouth | Gumtree I cant post in the for sale so if anyone's interested let me no. Dan
  12. A

    W203 Tiptronic Gear Selector Problem

    Hi! all. The continuing saga of the tiptronic gear selector problem. It started when I had nothing showing on the display to show what gear I was in. I could put the car into drive, but nothing showing on the display, and it would only stay in one gear. Also when I stopped, I couldn't put it...
  13. A

    Tiptronic gearbox 722632 v8 113

    Tiptronic gearbox 722632 v8 113 Automatic gearbox taken from my s430 v8 that I'm breaking this was my own car for 2 years and this gearbox is in great condition, no knocks or bangs when shifting its smooth as silk, may fit other Mercedes fitted with a v8 and tiptronic. Gearbox electric plug...
  14. EDZ649

    W210 Facelift Tiptronic Gear Selector

    As the title says, no longer needed as I have just sold my 320cdi. I bought because I had a fault in the reversing light system but it turned out not to be the selector after all. These are not coded to the car so should fit all 5 speed facelift models. £95 Inc postage to mainland UK
  15. amg3.6

    Wanted: CLK W208 tiptronic gear selector

    As above if anyone is breaking a clk with tiptronic gear selector or selling one please let me know need one asap
  16. EDZ649

    W210 5 speed tiptronic gear selector

    As the title says, I need a tiptronic gear selector in good working condition for my 320cdi. I beleive they are all the same regardless of which engine etc but I'm sure someone will be able to confirm for me. Reversing light switch must work properly please. WHY?
  17. P

    7G-Tronic & Tiptronic User Notes

    7G-Tronic & Tiptronic user notes I had difficulty finding explanatory documentation on the subject (beyond what it says in the owner manual), so am sharing what I’ve learned in case it is of use or interest to others. My only experience is with an 09 CLS CD320cdi without Manual mode, so...
  18. D

    Mercedes CLK230K Coupé Elegance Tiptronic Auto (W208)

    Tansanite blue metallic with Orion grey leather and burr walnut trim. One previous owner. 2000 Facelift model. MoT to 19 March 2013. Superb condition throughout, having been fastidiously maintained by me for over 10 years. Fitted optional extras include electric memory driver’s seat, 17”...
  19. R

    C220 CDI Tiptronic gear box problems

    hi i have a 2002 C220 CDi Coupe that has the Tiptronic gearbox that has gone faulty, im struggling to find a replacement and the part number for it can anybody HELP? Please. Vin is WDB2037062A407702 if thats any help Rob
  20. N

    VW Bora Tiptronic

    Finally i am selling our family bora which we've had for the past 7 years, it hadnt been used for the past year after i bought my wife a new car, but last week ihad it fully serviced, including disc,brakes, oil, air pollen filters etc.. I also had it MOT. the spec is as follows 2003 '52'...
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