1. S

    Locating a replacement hardtop for my topless sl280

    need some advice on getting a hardtop for my SL R129 1998 I tried one from ebay today, not the right colour but intended to repspray. Green with a silver top didn't look that bad actually but not as good as an all green will. The car wouldn't accept the roof, ie red light stayed on and...
  2. ivandraganov

    Beautiful topless models 2014

    I'm in Love with German beauty,shall I tell my missis...
  3. R

    Topless or not?

    In light of the William's fury about his wife being photograhed topless and the french defense that "doesn't everyone these days", I thought I'd put it to the test. So the question is, has your wife/partner sun bathed topless in a public place in the last 5 years.(ie. not 20 years ago at uni or...
  4. ringway

    Revealed. Kate Middleton Topless Pictures.

    Here are the 'Topless' pictures of Kate Middleton. Hope I don't get in to trouble for this. Be quick before they are removed from MB Club.
  5. Meldrew2

    Mercedes launch new topless model in New York

  6. Ted

    Four topless beauties

    Daughter no1 came to see us last night. In her 'new' w209 Lovely spec avantgarde 350, command, ortho memory seats, etc etc Dont you just hate it when tour kids are doing better than you :/ So she's flogged the Saab that I spent the whole weekend cleaning and polishing for her.
  7. M

    Topless nights

    Realised this morning that I'd forgotten I'd left the roof down on the car last night. That's the third time I've done that so far this year. :o Luckily, it hasn't rained on any of these occasions. Is it just me that does this? :dk:
  8. Dr-Nab

    Topless driving anyone?

    So I don't know about where everyone else is or has been today but it has been wonderful weather here all day so had to indulge in a bit of topless driving! :D Anyone else been lapping the sunshine up?? :bannana: Of course, have to follow up with some pictures!
  9. bpsorrel

    I went topless today! :)

    Just had to be done! Sorry it's not a Merc, but the fun factor was just as good! Nice views out where I live... :) By the way, the Saab wasn't the exhibit before some wiseguy mentions it! LOL!!
  10. DSLiverpool

    Lovely day in the North West - First topless blast in the SL55 - nope

    Sun shining through the bedroom window, Mrs with plans of her own - perfect scenario for some SL55 roadside filth in North Wales but no - bodywork problem. Not the cars - mine, midnight gout attack and my right big toe is throbing and Im in agony, its all I can do (after downing pain killers)...
  11. mercmanuk

    a couple of topless strippers!!!

    made me laugh
  12. BTB 500

    Topless ...

    Yup, today was the day the hard-top came off ... went for a nice blast in the sun this afternoon! :rock: How about you other R129 owners?
  13. S

    topless in the rain

    :cool: :cool: Had a weekend away in my SL a couple of weeks ago.On the way back to Lincolnshire decided to open the roof in between the showers and also call in at Gaydon motor Museum.On the way into the carpark I noticed that my drivers window would not go down then when I parked up...
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