1. D

    Towing/model advice

    Hello all, Im looking for a new family car which needs to be able to tow a caravan. On doing some research I was surprised to see that the E class is very highly rated for towing, I had never considered a rear wheel drive car as a tow car. Anyone tow a caravan and got any advice? Found the...
  2. M


    Just wondering if anyone knows if there have been issues with the Sprinter tow assist being incompatible with the alko hitch on a caravan that means the tow assist doesn't work. There have been problems with tow assist systems from other manufacturers.
  3. J

    Replacing a Jeep, is an ML a fair choice?

    I've run a few Jeep Grand Cherokee V8s over the past 15 years or so and they have been a really good fit for my needs. First, it needs to be able to tow a car trailer with rally car on it. A high towing capacity is therefore a requirement. Also a right bugger that the C63 isn't type approved...
  4. L

    Towing eye - 2008 CLS facelift

    I am looking for the above if anyone has one going spare
  5. J

    GLC Towing

    Hi Guys, I am in the middle of purchasing a new 220d GLC Sport on a lease through a broker. I will need to fit a third party tow bar to the car which is already built . There does not appear to be an issue with that. However I have read on these forums that if the car is already built you...
  6. S

    E55 Towing capabilities LOL!

  7. W210 Fan

    W210 towbar

    Hi guys and gals, im looking for a W210 towbar for the E240 we just picked up to tow a Piaggio Ape truck, if anybody has one please let me know! thanks
  8. sherco450

    vito 120 engine temp when towing

    l have been monitoring the coolant temperature when towing my caravan. It seems to be reading 100 degrees (l.c.d) dash .. abating I slow down accordingly and temp drops back to 85-90 degrees. At what Temp is it getting dangerous ? At what temperature do the thermo fan...
  9. JasonIFA

    Stuck in the mud! Towing

    Hi all, I had to deal with a bit of off road in the other day and a van was stuck in the mud. It made me think of getting a tow rope and that got me to thinking would I pull from the back reversing or the front pulling etc. Engage the off road button. I have no tow bar so would tying to...
  10. B

    W205 Towing Electrics??

    Hi All I wonder if anyone here can help. I am not able to find a wire in either light cluster that is driving the indicator. I have an aftermarket full bypass kit which is working fine with the other lights, and I have no doubt will work fine with the indicators, just can find a wire...
  11. Sheffield Col

    towing electrics

    Hi I have a bypass relay to wire up to my trailor, do I just break in and connect to the coresponding wires or is there a plug of some sort to connect to ? cheers..
  12. J

    Viano engine problem when towing

    Just started towing my caravan with a Viano 2.2 , 150 bhp. Whilst towing, the engine feels as though it is misfiring every now and then so makes a very uncomfortable ride. Without the caravan the car drives without any issues. The caravan is not too heavy for the car as some people have...
  13. Welby

    Towing with a W211 E320 CDI OM642 saloon sport

    Looking for some advice, want to tow a single axle caravan so I've ordered a dedicated wiring kit for the electrics, towbar I'll order tomorrow, but reading the fitting instructions just a moment ago it reports a fan upgrade is necessary to replace the existing 400w radiator fan with a 600w...
  14. R

    Towing with a Sprinter

    Hello! My sprinter states a 2000kg braked trailer capacity within the 5500kg GVW plate, but I believe you can buy new sprinters with a 2800kg tow limit and increased GVW with little or no difference to the standard vehicle Does anyone know if this can be retro applied to existing vehicles...
  15. scgfull

    S212 2015 E350 Towing Electrics

    I have ordered a new E350 Estate with a factory fit towbar with 13 pin socket. I am hearing, through various sources, that the wiring to Pins 9/13 are only rated and fused at 15 Amps. A lot of new trailers and virtually all new caravans now come with a trailer ABS type system (ATC for ALKO...
  16. K

    Anyone towing with new (W205) C Class ?

    Anyone ? ...Just wondering how it performs ? Need to tow a 1600kg box trailer with mine.
  17. M

    Tyre Pressure Question when Towing

    I am going to tow for the first time in about 14 years, and the first time in the E350 in 5 year of owning it. Moving house and using a borrowed trailer. Nothing too big - trailer is smaller than the car. Should I inflate the tyres for load or not? The picture on the fuel flap shows...
  18. kylezx7r

    audible indicator beep when towing

    I have a 2010 ML 300 (W164) I recently fitted a tow bar and used a proper mercedes dedicated wiring kit meaning everything just plugs in and theres no cutting wires etc. everything works ok except I dont get an audible beep when indicating. Theres no beep and no light. Can anyone advise...
  19. E

    Towing with ML 300

    Hi 2nd post since joining. After picking up my new Ml last week, I managed to have a quick chat with one of the mechanics walking through the carpark. I asked him if there was anything I needed to know about fitting a towbar and towing with the vehicle? He said he had Ml and towed a caravan...
  20. G

    Rear towing eye cover

    Hi I'm after a rear towing eye cover for a c class w204 2007-2011 any idea where I can pick one up cheap
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