1. A

    How to trace service history

    Hi there, I am a new member and the new owner of a 1985 W123 230e auto with 77k on the clock. I can trace the mileage history and milage up to 2008 but not before that, is anyway I can find out a bit more about the car? Many thanks in advance for your answers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. merc85

    Trace that Mercedes w116 / w126

    Hi there, I was just wondering if anyone on here knows if these two cars still exist? they belonged to my dad and were the reason i took up Mercedes ownership. It was a few years ago but here they are, w116 280se Reg WFR612V met milan brown w126 380se Reg A262NJO thistle Green met Green...
  3. bmthnick1981

    Trying to trace any service history for my 1987 560 SEC

    Can anyone help with MB service history checks? Reg: D454 GDD Vin: WDB1260452A318098 Thanks in advance!
  4. U

    16year old killed in hit and run -trace this car

    Hi, tragic recent story of young Jade Clark being killed on her scooter in Ringwood, Hampshire. Police are looking for a front-damaged Volvo XC90 which is light coloured. See this article for more details We'll find you - police warning to Volvo driver in Jade Clark death crash (From...
  5. Charles Morgan

    W210 coolant leak - how to trace

    So having had new evaporator, duo valve etc fitted I keep getting the check coolant level warning, and lo it is low when checked. Adding leak inhibitor seems not to have inhibited it, so while I wait to get it down to Olly, any suggestions for the best thing to trace where it is coming from? I...
  6. W

    Unable to trace the knock/clunk

    Hi Guys Hoping for a shove in the right direction - When i bought the car (97' E300TD) in September it had a minor knock from the front end everytime i went over a hump or similar, overtime it sounds like it has got worse. It passed its MOT in December after replacing a track rod end...
  7. S

    How to trace Service History + Spec Sheet

    Hi guys Recently acquired a 04 e320 cdi with abit of a bump. Need some help in tracking the Service History and a spec sheet if possible. Is there any number i can call etc to get the relevant data etc Thanks alot:D
  8. finisterre

    A trace of brown goo

    Hi I have just noticed a very small quantity of brown goo inside the oil filler cap, perhaps a third teaspoon at most. Am I right to not worry very much?
  9. N

    Trace a lost / stolen mobile phone?

    Daughter got ritzy new super-duper Blackberry for Xmas, daughter has it nicked less than one month later, daughter has replacement 3 days later. Any cheap app or trace service available to find this one if it suffers the same fate? TIA.
  10. J

    Car history, can I trace this?

    I recently acquired a 1989 300 SE W126. The service book has lots of stamps from Vikings at Canterbury. Despite my polite requests to them for a copy of the detailed service history, I have not been able to get anything from them. Vikings lost the MB franchise a few years ago and they referred...
  11. mercmanuk

    number plate trace

    is it possible to trace if a car is leased from a numberplate.a neighbour who has moved in a rented house i suspect is a drug dealer,changes cars every few weeks,cars visiting for 30 seconds all night etc etc.i want to get some evidence as the police arnt interested.
  12. ringway

    email track and trace help.

    For years we have used a track and trace facility that allows us to know if and when the recipients of our emails has opened the message, how long they read it for, thier geographical location etc etc.. The only system we have used is from We...
  13. Mudster

    How can I trace the production date of this engine?

    As title, I have an interested party in the engine I have for sale (actually three parties currently). Two of them have asked if I can find out when the engine was built along with any more information available. Here is an image of the production sticker currently attached to the rocker...
  14. Bobby Dazzler

    Help me trace ebay seller who advertised 6-spoke ML500 wheels and tyres

    This really is a shot in the dark!! Can anyone help me trace these... There was an ebay seller advertising new 6-spoke ML500 alloys over the summer, complete with new (Dunlop?) tyres for £600 Buy-It-Now. Advertised several times. Think he was in the trade as he could get hold of more sets...
  15. Simon

    Help me trace a Mac address please

    I wonder if any of you can help me with this? At work the ISP has advised us of an unacceptable level of data being generated by us, what’s really odd is that it was at it’s worst last weekend when the place was shut. We have used a utility to monitor network traffic and found two non...
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