1. M

    Tracker or Immobiliser ?

    Which would you fit, to help offset costs with insurance and piece of mind with keyless entry.. new car C 300 convertible Prem+ August 2017 Any help greatly appreciated.
  2. B

    Tracker location

    I have a traficmaster type tracker fitted to my W205 by my employer. I didn't see it get fitted but would like to know the likely location of the device in the vehicle. Any ideas to save me ripping the car to bits.
  3. J

    C63s Security tracker

    Hi all, 1st post. Pick up my new C63s Coupe finally next Wednesday. Looking forward to it. After owning the previous model and switching from Audi, little bit excited. I need to get a tracker fitted for insurance reasons. Anyone got any feedback on brands/ installers for the north...
  4. Rosso1

    Cheapest tracker for you car, worth a look

    Guys i can help you save hundreds of pounds on a tracker system. No catches take a look...
  5. zenman63

    GPS Tracker?

    Just found a Tracker gps gsm module in the rear quarter on the ML, anyone know how I can find if it works and who its with or was with?
  6. smillion

    Mercedes Me = Tracker?

    Does anyone know whether the Mercedes Me app acts as an acceptable tracker for car insurance purposes? I know I can trace my car if I've forgotten where I parked it, provided its within a certain radius (as if i'd ever do that :confused:) however I wondered whether the system could track the car...
  7. S

    MB Connect same as tracker?

    I have a new c class coupe coming in march and was thinking of having tracker fitted, but was wondering if its necessary with mb connect? How do the insurance companies see it? Does mb connect get used in the event of a theft?
  8. brucemillar

    Gps dog (as in canine) tracker

    People Any recommendations on GPS doggie trackers? In the event my huskies escape I would like to be able to locate them quickly using my iPhone. I see loads with massive price variations. I need a recommendation. Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  9. G

    GPS Tracker for sale - £5 only

    I have a GPS Tracker that I just cannot get to fully function: whether this is due to the SIM card not being 2G (which is what all these trackers require); or its position in the car and difficulty in getting a satellite fix (tried resting it on a window sill for a couple of hours - still the...
  10. G

    Cheap GPS Tracker

    Anyone has had a first-hand experience with one of these: GPS/GPRS Tracker ? I bought one (although from a different seller), and it sort of functions, but only half-way :dk: It works fine to eavesdrop - i.e. activates its microphone in a silent call, so you can hear what's going on...
  11. C

    Tracker advice please?

    We had a golf r stolen a few months ago and it would appear the insurance companies don't want to cover us without a tracker fitter (to the Mrs' A45). Out smart the thief - can turn the car off remotely (appeared on dragon's den) have offered me what I think is a good deal.....and they are...
  12. m2m

    Any alternative to tracker fitment?

    Hi everyone, Picking up my new AMG towards the end of July. My last had to have a tracker monitor installed when bought new for insurance purposes. Is there an alternative product to tracker monitor? If not is there any competition in the installer market? as I had to pay a grand last...
  13. W

    Connect Me Remote Online Vehicle Tracker

    Does anyone know when the UK version of Connect Me will have vehicle tracking enabled ? I currently have a Tracker fitted and are considering having one on the C350e I have ordered - with this facility would a Tracker be unnecessary ? I find the reports from Tracker very useful for preparing...
  14. Dizzy

    Cheap Tracker on *bay

    I spotted a cheap tracker/remote immobiliser on *bay called a Rewire TK104. Does anyone have any experience of these and basically are they any good or not? It's the ability to remotely immobilise the vehicle which I find interesting as there appears to be a lot of key thefts/vehicle hijacking...
  15. T

    Tracker vs Gap Insurance

    Just some advice please, hopefully based on personal experience. I'm getting a new MB E350 Convertible in July, and a friend of mine suggested I get a tracker fitted (Cobra) as a friend of his had his new MB SL stolen on the same day he had it delivered. (They broke into his house and pinched...
  16. S

    Tracker install INCREASES insurance

    I have just taken delivery of a pre-owned 2011 E350 Cabriolet. After a week's deliberations I decided for peace of mind I will have a tracker fitted (probably the RAC Trackstar TM450. So I chatted to the RAC to check how much my insurance premium will be reduced by and their response was that it...
  17. D

    bluetooth tracker

    Hi I lost my keys and now it's going to cost either alot of time replacing locks or money getting a new one from MB I was looking around the internet and founs this / it's a little keyring with a blue tooth gps tracking device inside it that you can...
  18. steveskeggy


    Hi. I have been stripping down my old S600 for parts, and I have come across what I thought was part of the telephone system, but turned out to be a tracker. I have been thinking of fitting a tracker to my S55, and I was wondering if it would be worth fitting this thing. It seems to be quite a...
  19. R

    E63 Insurance- Tracker Requirement

    My Insurance company (Churchill) is insisting that to be covered for theft on my E63 I require a tracker, my C63 didn’t require a tracker. Has anyone managed to insure their E63 without requiring a tracker? After doing a bit of research it appears that some companies are over 50k and some...
  20. M

    Best Tracker ???

    Hi any clues on which is the best tracker to have quite a few on the market now, any views :confused:, thanks. My daughter has bought a range rover and the insurance want it on for the car to be covered, so any thoughts appreciated.
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