1. T


    Any idea how to put these on. MERCEDES-BENZ Compatible Precison Cut Brake Calliper & Wheel Decals x 8 Sticker Many thanks.
  2. P

    private reg transfers dvla

    Wrong section of forum but not sure where to post this one. Anybody used the DVLA for transferring a private reg from one car to another since they closed the regional offices? Used to be able to do this at the counter now having to send forms away with mot , log book etc. Seems they want up...
  3. jimmyca69

    Plate transfers :O

    Hi all Sorry me again with another question about a potential car. Car i am looking at on Saturday had 1 previous owners before current one that owned car for nearly 9 years. So owner is 2nd owner since Feb 2012, when doing a HPI check it noted the folllowing previous plate transfers, is...
  4. Spinal

    License Plate Transfers

    I have a motoring question for once :p My W202 has a personal plate on it; and I would like to keep this plate even though the car is going to charity. I was thinking of driving down on my current plates, then once the car goes to charity register it as permanently exported here and...
  5. M

    Advice on number plate transfers

    Hi All, I've got a private plate on my W220. The car is up for sale, but I want to keep the plate. I've got someone interested but they are travelling a long way, so if they like it, they want to take the car there and then (tonight). Question is, can I sell the car tonight and still...
  6. Druk

    Paypal cash transfers?

    Got two used items to send to other forum members who suggest transferring cash to me via my Paypal account. As a cash recipient (never done this before) does this method end up costing me or do Paypal simply transfer in full to my bank account?
  7. stwat

    Reg Transfers DVLA And HPI Checks

    My dad has put a deposit down on a very nice V70 D5 SE LUX. It has just had a private plate taken off and it's original plate put back on. It was also registered for disabled tax(or something ) When i did an online HPI check it said neither they or DVLA had any records of the registration...
  8. M

    Banking - Q on int'l transfers

    Short story: I run a Website selling stuff. Small scale but with customers all over the world. For overseas customers, I offer international transfer via IBAN+Swift/BIC for payment of invoice. Works smoothly - if slowly - in maybe 95-97% of cases. But sometimes the amount I receive is less than...
  9. mobeyone

    Credit card balance transfers

    Anyone have some useful advise regarding balance transfers, i.e. dos and donts?
  10. M

    DVLA - Cherished number transfers

    I am in the process of trading in the C 240 for an R129 SL 320. we are transferring the cherished number from our ML to the SL and sent all the paperwork to the dealer beginning of last week . The money for the purchase of the SL was deposited in the dealers bank last Thursday Pm. - the...
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