1. C

    2 x mitchelin 295/30/20s 7mm tread

    hello, for sale are a pair of used mitchelin pilot super sports. in 295/30/zr20s. they both have approx 7mm remaining. £150 for the pair. Thanks Chris
  2. H

    CL600 Tread life

    I was just wondering what kind of life CL600 owners are getting out of their rear tyres ? I Just passed an MOT with a warning that my rear tyres have only 3mm left. I have done about 4600 miles on them and they originally have 7.5mm treads.. That means that I have used up 1mm of treads...
  3. alzieboy

    Tread Depth

    At what depth of tread left on tyre do you consider replacing tyres.I know the legal limit is 1.6 mm , so I was cleaning up my summer wheels and tyres to go back on car today, the rear tyres tread looked rather low so I checked them they were both 4mm across width of tyre ( P ZEROS ) . I suppose...
  4. S

    W202 - Sport Suspension - Abnormal Tire Wear

    Hi I have some very abnormal tyre wear on my W202 C230K Sport. As you can hopefully see on the picture, the tread is getting worn on the outer edge only. In addition, there are pieces of the rubber that are coming off. Tires in question are Pirelli Cinturato P7s .. In addition, this wear is only...
  5. Scooby_Doo

    New tyre tread depth ?

    Picked the new car up yesterday and whilst having a good look around it after getting it home I had a look at the tread depth on the 235 & 255 Continentals fitted to it. I was surprised to find that they only had 7mm of tread, I checked the rear tyre depth on my wife's car (probably done about...
  6. tromppost

    245 40 18 Dunlop SP 01 5mm tread

    Two 245 40 18 Dunlop SP 01 5mm tread no punctures or damage, evenly worn. £20 for the pair collection from SL4.
  7. B

    Tyre tread depth issue when buying just one tyre

    Hi I'm hoping someone here can give me some advice. I replaced 2 rear tyres last month on my W212 sport. Then 2 days ago I got a screw in one of them close to the edge so had to buy another! I also have a slow puncture on the near-side front which is leaking air in 3 places so I don't want...
  8. L

    8mm tread pirelli p zero 285 30 19 & 255 35 r19 tyres c63 e63 cls 63 amg mo tyres

    A set of 4 pirelli p zero amg tyres as new 8mm tread have only covered 1000 miles then replaced for continentals no repairs punchers damage whatsoever these would cost £1000 from the dealers £450 for the 4 can split of required please call 07971 362225 for more info
  9. A

    Advice wanted, cut / chunk in tread of tyre

    Hi guys, I've got a "cut" in the tread of one of my tyres. Looks like a chunk in the tread I think probably from a stone or piece of glass. Do you think this is anything to worry about?
  10. H

    Thread seperation

    Got a interesting thing... Steel belted radial and hot temperature... = Tread Seperation... big problem in hot countries.. Got a range Rover in Dubai.. (yes I know it aint Mercedes) but this is a all car tyre problem... so bad that in Dubai they have law that bannes tyres older than 5 years from...
  11. tromppost

    275 35 R18 Dunlop SP Sport 01 MO X2 4+mm Tread

    I have two 275 35 R18 Dunlop SP Sport 01 MO with around 4 to 5 mm of tread left. Ideally collection from SL4 or could parcel force. Looking for £160 (plus postage)
  12. N

    4 x Avon ZV5 215 45 ZR17 91W tyres. Made 4110, 6mm tread..

    Selling for a friend, a v. good matching set of premium Avon ZV5 215 45 ZR17 91W tyres, manufactured in the 41st week of 2010. New, these tyres are about £95 per wheel. We checked the depth across all 4 today & the gauge read 6mm in each & every 'channel' except for one reading which was 5mm...
  13. P

    265/35/18 x 2 with resonable to good tread

    As per the title, the closer the better but don't mind a little bit of traveling. Situated in Milton Keynes. No cheapo death sliders/ditch finders please.
  14. Palfrem

    Tread on new tyres

    Quick question - how deep is the tread new tyres? Thanks
  15. travelininstyle

    Fulda Winter Tyres for Sale 7-8mm Tread

    Thought I would offer these 'nearly new, Fulda Kristall Control HP Winter Tyres for sale,before they hit either Ebay/Pistonheads.Cost £480 for a set of 4 - these are 225/45R17 91H Speed. Only went on once between December 2011 and February 2012.Collection only,unless you live within a 25-30 mile...
  16. P

    Goodyear Eagle F1 265/40/18 AND 245/45/18 all have 6mm tread left

    For sale I have some exc cond goodyear eagle f1 265/40/18 with 6mm tread, came of a mercedes s class. £55 ea or £100 a pair Goodyear excellence 245/45/18 again 6mm tread £50 ea or £90 a pair If someone wants all 4 £180 thats a bargain £45ea, these tyres cost that...
  17. W

    Strange tread wear pattern - tyre fault?

    At the weekend I was changing the wheels around on my Accord and giving the tyres a good examination and I discovered that one of them showed a very strange wear characteristic. Dividing the tread into quarters from the inner to the outer edge, the inner two quarters were not round:eek...
  18. Howard

    Tyre Tread Remaining

    Hi all Quick question , if a seller says about a tyre '3.2mm of tread remaining' does that mean 3.2 mm until it hits the indicator stops or 3.2 mm until the tyre becomes completely smooth ? Thanks
  19. Satch

    Why tread depth matters

    Been posted up a number of times that people with newer summer tyres are doing OK, how some people here chop tyes at 3/4mm remaining tread depth and how winter tyres start giving up being fully effective at 4mm. At work yesterday I had an exchange of views with someone who was moaning that...
  20. W

    Tyre tread depth poll - How low do you go?

    Tyre threads are the flavour of the month it seems :) Today whilst having some tyres fitted I saw a stack of old customer tyres. I was quite surprised how low some of the treads were, maybe 10-20% were below the legal limit. So when do you change your tyres? Please vote in the poll above...
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