Tyre tread depth poll - How low do you go?

At what tread depth do you change your tyres?

  • When they almost bald (0-1.5 mm)

    Votes: 1 2.1%
  • Near or on the legal limit (1.6 - 1.9 mm)

    Votes: 15 31.3%
  • Before the wear markers (>2.0 mm)

    Votes: 32 66.7%
  • I'm cursed with punctures so always lots of tread remaining :(

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
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Apr 5, 2008
A205 C220d
Tyre threads are the flavour of the month it seems :)

Today whilst having some tyres fitted I saw a stack of old customer tyres. I was quite surprised how low some of the treads were, maybe 10-20% were below the legal limit.

So when do you change your tyres? Please vote in the poll above.

Me? Roughly at 2-3mm ie. before the wear marker (2mm I believe)

Here's one such tyre I saw.

I change mine when I feel the performance deteriorates which is usually around 3mm. You would not believe some of the tyres we get in that are on cars for service or MOT totally worn , canvas and wires showing and that's on performance cars.

Why don't people realise its the rubber and brakes that can be lifesavers and keep on top of them :wallbash:
We see many many MB's with cords sticking out of the tyres. It is a very common occurance.
Voted for near legal limit, but actually depends on time of year. I'm a high mileage driver (75Kkm/yr) so swap 2x a year. When swapping during summer will let tyres to down to legal limit (remember in Portugal there's normally no rain from may through august). During winter wet season as will be the done this comming week swap between 2-2.5mm.
Neither option will do for me... I usually get edgy when the tyres are down to 4mm, and then replace them before they go down to 3mm... so I would say my answer would have been change at 3mm-4mm.

Also... I always change 4 tyres in one go, so always have the same male/model/wear all around.

But then... my 205's cost next to nothing.... around £60-£70 for top-brand if buying online. I can see this being a different situation with some of AMG rubber costing £200-£300 a corner...
3mm for me. Always change in pairs and stick with continental or michelin.
Usually by feel really, I know what the car handles like on poor tyres so when it starts "scrabbling" for grip in the corners its definitely time to get the depth gauge out, this ends up around the 3>4mm mark.

As with MarkJay decent 205's are cheap as chips, extracting the wagon out of a ditch is expensive.
Is that where you say one thing and mean your mother?
I replied 'just above the legal limit' but in all honesty, I can't remember the last time I had to get new rubber because I very rarely keep a car longer than a yearband also don't always do the mileage to need new.
I replaced my front tyres at 4mm after they aquaplaned at 35-40 mph whilst towing. I actually left the road, went down the verge and back onto the road whilst towing a loaded horse trailer. Change of underwear almost!
For some reason I can't vote because I'm being told I have already, which I haven't, but about 3mm for me,which is about annually and 15k miles or so on the rears.
Michelin Primacy seem to give a good alround mix of performance and durability

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