1. B

    New trick

    Afternoon just a little something for a Friday dinner time put all the windows down and sunroof open fully, then press and hold the recurculation button the windows and sunroof will all close together once this starts you can let go of the button, love little hints and tips like this,:rock...
  2. MOR8A

    Is the W204 C63 a one trick pony?

    I just wanted to pick the brains of some of the C63 owners on the forum. I mean absolutely no disrespect and this is not meant to annoy anyone. I am considering (along with quite a few other options) a W204 C63 (would have to be facelift for me) but am a little concerned about quite a few point...
  3. Giantvanman

    Not an April Fool trick in June!

    For keeping flies away... The science behind this idea is simple; the water/coin combination throws multiple prisms of light which affects a fly's compound eyes (which they don't like) so stay away. People are reporting that it works on FB. One sceptic tested this at the entrance to her horse...
  4. E

    nice trick

  5. Benzowner

    MB Missed a Trick?

    There are now many 4x4's around with 2 litre ish engines and wonder whether MB has missed a market by not putting a 2litre engine in the ML. The current crop of MB engines of that size certainly outperform the early 2.7 litre, and people do look at CO2 and road tax costs
  6. C

    C63 start up trick - old model versus facelift

    Hello I'd be really grateful of some help. I'm about to buy a non facelift c63 but want to check a few things: 1. Does the non facelift car have a "Sport +" setting? I'm thinking not (not too bothered - main query below which is important, very important ) 2. So I was in a nice...
  7. developer

    Halloween - Trick or Treat?

    My wife made this - she also made some paper ghosts with 50p inside each one and opened a large tin of Quality Street to offer. The lit candle obviously draws the trick or treaters and accordingly the doorbell has been ringing. She does it because it's "for the children". The last two...
  8. E

    £1-1p Coin Unique (Vanishing Penny) Magic Trick

    £10 delivered next day! £1-1p Coin Unique (Vanishing Penny) Magic Trick | eBay Video Magic Trick Pound and Penny - YouTube
  9. Howard

    This should stop the trick or treating kids this year

  10. Druk

    Another trick cyclist thread.

    YouTube - Danny MacAskill - "Way Back Home" - NEW street trials riding short film
  11. Sorry Pete

    Wooden Spoon Trick

    NSFW if you understand Finnish. (or is it Icelandic?... ponder..) Anyway, the wooden spoon trick, perfectly executed. <object width="640" height="505"><param name="movie" value=";hl=en_GB&amp;rel=0"></param><param name="allowFullScreen"...
  12. dog68

    Trick rust.

    Cookie's Crap Corvette Tips No.1
  13. A

    Cruise control 'trick'

    Just got an auto box E Class 270CD1. Guy who had one told me about a cruise control trick for sitting at lights. Can't recall the detail but it was something to do with rather than sitting still in Drive with foot on brake, you do something with cruise control then flick the CC stalk and car...
  14. Spinal

    Trick or Treat!

    Tis the season everyone! Yes, the season where we bash the kids who run the protection racket... A little candy and our cars will feel healthier... Anyhow, this year (like every year) we fight back! This year, we take over the world! This year... Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering...
  15. se97mlm

    Cool Trick for W202/W210 Owners with Assyst (Newer style electronic key)

    Yesterday I had the pleasure of a coffee with the guys that calibrate the Assyst service interval thingy and they told me about a neat trick that is not in the user manual if you have a C or E class with the newer style key (younger than 1997). Namely, you can check the oil level from inside...
  16. ShinyF1

    Top Gear Key Fob Trick

    Someone in my office reminded me today of the trick Clarkson tried on Top Gear many moons ago where he could activate the central locking on his R230 SL from very long range by operating the fob against the side of his head. Needless to say it actually worked [at a range of 150m on the 2nd...
  17. BarryS

    trick: turning off stability/security on new C-Class

    Got this from Steve Sutcliffe's Autocar blog: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Friday Aug 17, 2007 12:00 PM The real cheat Just got back from a tyre test in Hanover, which I know will make my mates Goodwin and Harris deeply jealous...
  18. B

    W210and the disappearing water trick

    I know this has been discussed about, but I really am pulling my hair out. I keep losing water somewhere but no one seems to know where. The coolant system has been pressure tested and no leaks found. there is no oil in the water or visa versa. The car doesnt overheat even though I ended up...
  19. Gollom

    Clever trick to "reset" the engine

    I saw something about this but try as I might I can't find it! Could some kind soul remind me? Thanks
  20. P

    DAS non-expiry trick & DAS developer mode

    How to trigger DAS star diagnosis not to expire when a version becomes old? Also can enable developer mode or do I need a special version of DAS?
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