1. P

    Wanted: W124 Wheel Trim(s). Pre-Facelift

    Hello, My new (old) W124 has three, original matching wheel trims and another that is similar, but different. Does anyone have one (or four) of these, as shown in the picture, with the chrome edge to them. Cheers.
  2. M.A.94

    Wanted: W211 facelift headlight retaining trims

    I need a pair of w211 facelift headlight trims. I believe the part number for these are: A2118200512 - Left A2118200612 - Right See attached image for reference
  3. brucemillar

    TFR (Traffic Film Remover) Staining on Black Gloss Trims

    Folks Apologies if this has been asked before (I did a search). My Wife's new X5 has been treated to a wash, at some point in it's past) using TFR. This has developed an 'oily film' stain on the window pillar trims. It is resisting all efforts to remove it. I have tried. Meg's glass cleaner...
  4. T

    ML Window Trims

    Hi, The door window trim / rubbers have a clear tape which on mine water has got in behind. On one side I have peeled the tape off but cannot shift the remainder. I did order replacements from the dealer but they have been on back order for months. One solution was to use the CKS...
  5. EDDIE12

    2014 w204 c63 drl trims

    I have for sale a mint condition set off DRL trims that were removed from my C63. All clips are intact. Looking for £90.00 delivered too the mainland. THE ACTUAL DRL LIGHTS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE LOCATION - N.IRELAND EMAIL -
  6. Druk

    Which colour wheel trims?

    Decided to revert to the original stainless trims on 15"steel rims instead of the more modern 16" alloys it had just now. The question is do I paint the trims in the traditional matching the body colour or go for a contrast...maybe matching the blue upholstery? These are the very rare and...
  7. EDDIE12

    W204 C63 Carbon interior trims

    I've decided too sell my new W204 C63 Carbon interior trims. These are genuine Oem trims from a 2013 Mercedes Benz C63 saloon/sedan that have been professionally skinned with the highest quality carbon fibre material. These have never been fitted, so there basically brand new and are in perfect...
  8. s4rap

    Wheel trims

    I,stumbled on these over the weekend, anyone know if they have a value. Otherwise they're going to the scrap yard, pretty sure they are made of stainless steel. Thanks.
  9. EDDIE12

    Facelift c63 amg grill & drl trims

    Hi, I'll be removing the full front grill & DRL trims from my 2014 C63 AMG hopefully this weekend. :thumb: FRONT GRILL (& optional AMG Badge) - £200.00 Delivered DRL TRIMS - £60.00 Delivered Picture off my C63 with the above parts fitted for reference
  10. A

    Black door/window trims

    Look at this on eBay GENUINE AMG Night Pack Edition Window Scraper Trims Mercedes-Benz W176 A-Class | eBay I've been looking to change the alloy ones to black trim but the price is rediculase :wallbash: Had a phone around the local scrappers but no joy:dk: Has anyone had these wrapped or...
  11. Dannyallen89

    Interior door dash and centre console trims help

    Does any1 know where I can buy gloss black or carbon fibre trims for my c w204 2012 mine are aluminium at the mo but looking to change them thanks a lot Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  12. Dannyallen89

    Interior trims

    Does anybody know where I can get carbon interior trims for my doors dash and centre console? All I can find is prefacelift or lh drives I have a w204 c220 thanks [emoji3] Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  13. MOR8A

    Anyone done retro fit AMG illuminated sills trims?

    Just wondered if anyone has done the retro fit of the illuminated AMG sill trims?
  14. P

    Wanted: Centre console and interior door trims (L&R) R230 SL

    As the title says really. I am after a spare centre console and interior door trims for both the left and right hand sides from an R230 SL. Mine is an SL55 AMG but I pretty sure parts from any R230 would fit. I intend to have these hydro dipped and then fitted to the car. I have been told...
  15. P

    R230 interior trims

    Centre console Ashtray unit and flap Interior door trims Too fit my SL55 AMG but think any R230 parts would fit. Cheers
  16. P

    Hydro carbon dipping centre console and interior door trims

    Has anyone done this? Who did it for you? Cost? What's involved? I would like to have them done for my 03 SL55. I am in Preston, Lancashire so ideally would like a firm near me to do it so they could remove, dip and fit. Any advice or help would be appreciated. Cheers Mark
  17. T

    Mercedes W201 W124 W129 W140 16" Hub Caps / Trims with Chrome edges

    Genuine Mercedes 16" hub caps / trims with the chrome edges. Getting hard to find and look awesome when fitted. Part number: 1404010024 Not perfect but in original condition as shown in the pictures: There's a set on eBay for £80 in a bit better condition, so i'll...
  18. M

    vito b post trims

    hi folks have just got some replacement b post trims for my w639 vito - but am having the devils own job trying to get them on. Clearly both pieces fit problem is getting the 2 in together - is there a knack to it that anyone can tell me. do I need to take the seat bases out ...
  19. olszowa12

    FS: New CARBON FIBRE Interior Trims for 08-11 C63 W204 sedan and estate

    Hi Guys, I have a set of brand new carbon fibre trims for sale. OEM quality and perfect fitment. The finish on these is outstanding, perfectly polished surfaes, ZERO imperfections. I guarantee you will love these ! Fits: 2008-11 W204 C63 Sedan and Estate 2007-11 w204 C-class Sedan and Estate...
  20. Lenny63

    C36 AMG Headlight Trims (Brilliant Silver 744)

    W202 C36 AMG Headlight Trims (Pair) | eBay PM me to discuss any interest here
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