1. MancMike

    Live now: MB Teating some trucks and G Class. Not live anymore, but the video is now in it's place.
  2. M

    2017 Mercedes Benz Trucks Safety Demonstration - Video

    2017 Mercedes Benz Trucks Safety Demonstration - Video tLhoPyFX0yQ
  3. S

    mercedes sprinter recovery trucks

    hello all hope you can help me out with this one currently looking at buying a recovery truck & just wanted some peoples opions on a couple of older merc trucks . the truck will be usued only for small cars like clios ,corsas fiestas etc as im only on a 3.5ton license at the moment my choices...
  4. Niks

    American Trucks

    Anyone here have an interest in big American trucks? Kind of like the Kenworth W900L or Peterbilt...
  5. Palfrem

    Trucks to travel free on M6 Toll Road

    BBC News - Lorries to access M6 toll road for free throughout July This should be interesting... Any empty M6 with nothing to pay.
  6. st13phil

    Faster Speed Limits for Trucks?

    Consultation underway on plans to increase speed limit for HGV's. So, what does the Team think? Good idea or not? In a thoroughly predictable response, Brake claim it will cause carnage :rolleyes:
  7. whitenemesis

    Tyre Loading - Trucks

    Something that has puzzled me about tyre loads and weight transfer. I can see why large trucks/PSVs have multiple wheels/axles on the rear, to spread the weight but what happens to that weight when cornering/braking? Surely it transfers forward to the front wheels and these are shod with...
  8. F

    trucks overtaking!!

    Seen this several times and is very irritating! driving along a dual carriage way came up to 3 trucks , first one driving at 55mph, presumably limited but going uphill. second truck decides to overtake but also limited to 56mph and empty so is going faster but only just. Takes half mile to get...
  9. Crazyjester900

    Ban trucks on the Motorway!!!!!

    I was driving home from work in the city and i was behind a truck, i noticed it's load was unsafe and sure enough a rock about the size of a football fell off the back and i ran over it as i had no where else to go!! remarkably my tire didn't burst but it ripped off some side paneling and i'm...
  10. A

    Nitro Remote Controlled Cars / Trucks anyone?

    Hello Always loved remote controlled cars and had a few Tamiya ones a few years back. More recently (2years) ago I bought a Nitro Truck, a HPI Savage. Bought from America on my honeymoon:rolleyes: . Its awesome, goes anywhere and does 40 mph + Anyway theres a new model out with better...
  11. Limited Edition

    Proof that not all Americans own Pickup Trucks

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