1. E270 Owner

    Another typical MB Vito (poor thing)

  2. mct_cars

    Blinkin' Typical. Master Cylinder Overhaul....

    So, while needing to remove the master cylinder to refurb it I took the opportunity to strip the entire side of the chassis in the engine bay down, refurb, treat some rust underneath the ABS pump and generally clean it up. so, all going smoothly, rust treated, new drain hole created in the...
  3. clk208

    Claiming on Tier 1 warranty - typical authorisation time?

    Coming up to 6 weeks of CLS ownership and some teething problems on my car. I took it to the main dealer who I purchased from who read some diagnostic codes and performed a very thorough "vehicle health check". A few items need to be fixed. One of the more pressing items is a broken rear...
  4. pjs

    A service - typical cost for a c250cdi?

    400 miles to go to first service (16k) so I'll be calling the dealers on Wednesday, any ideas what ££ I'll be looking at and do the dealers do a 'while you wait'?
  5. G

    Typical tyre wear - scrubbing the inside edges?

    Hi, I've bought a 2nd hand set of 16" wheels and tyres for my car, which came off the same model car (W211). The wheels and tyres are in great condition with ~6mm tread on the Continental tyres. However, 2 of the tyres have slightly more wear on the inside edges. My question is this...
  6. D

    DVLA - Typical!!

    :DDecided to change from my 1980 green paper driving licence to the current card type. Given that I moved house a few years ago (the licence was still registered at my parents home) it was time to change the address in the process. Also, all my points have expired and I fancied a nice...
  7. P

    A poorly Bentley Azure, suffering typical factory defects....

    Hi chaps, Thought I'd just pop this video of a lovely Bentley Azure I detailed last year, the car was suffering from the usual da sanding marks from factory and the wash swirls plus a nice football scuff on the bonnet. Hampshire Vehicle Detailing Vs Bentley azure Detail - YouTube Hope...
  8. Gridlock

    Typical night on Park Lane..

    "2 SLR" reg on the fast one.. iPhone camera (plus free wine, admittedly) = bad photos. But Mayfair is definitely MB territory :thumb:
  9. 219

    A typical day in the life of a 600 owner

    When this gentleman came to town in his W100 , the peasants certainly put on a welcome for him . Nice to see some of our cars still being enjoyed in the grand manner . Bear with it beyond the first minute or so YouTube - KCTV (Wen Jiabao in Pyongyang)
  10. Chas

    Typical BMW driver

    :D Extreme Fitness BMW parking failure. [As seen on the CCTV] Worst parking job on Yahoo! Video
  11. B

    Typical S600 servicing costs?

    The bi-turbo is just stunning value at the prices they seem to be going for. What sort of servicing costs am I potentially looking at? Are they reliable motors? Anyone got any thoughts etc? cheers :)
  12. fitnessuk

    Typical Servicing Cost - Bucks

    Could anyone advise as to where I can go for a routine car service in Buckinghamshire? I just moved here from the States and would definitely appreciate recommendations. Also, how much would a service typically cost? I'd also like to get my car detailed/valeted - any suggestions for a mobile...
  13. stats007

    Typical labour time for brake service

    Does anyone know the book time for a standard disc & pad replacement? I appreciate it may vary per car - but roughly - 1.5hrs for a pair?
  14. classicsl

    Typical BMW driver???

  15. Koolvin

    Typical Insurance bloomin people....

    Got a letter this morning, The other insurers are disputing liability and now I have to write a little report and draw a sketch... They are also asking for any witness details.... all I had was a passenger... Looks like this is going to be a difficult claim because a lane change was...
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