1. S

    2015 E300 hybrid - unreliable ?

    Test drove a 2015 E300 hybrid today (estate) and absolutely loved it , what a cracking car !!! It needs a B service so I popped into my local main dealer (Beaconsfield) and one of the salesmen told me to avoid them as they are VERY problematic ! I would love to get the opinions of you guys ...
  2. B

    damn unreliable e-classes.... (or not)

    I got a E-class back from the airport this weekend (not my usual company). It was a little older than the Chrysler that the normal company uses (just over 3 years old and 170k), so I asked about reliability and mileage. "Not much more than wear and tear. It did have a gearbox repair a while...
  3. crockers

    Most unreliable car ???

    What's the most unreliable car you've owned? For me it has to be either a 1972 Renault 16 - I think the AA planned their day around my journeys or a brand new ( my first) 1980 Alfa Romeo Guilietta. Came with warped discs. Needed a new gearbox after 3 months. Engine seized after 6 months. Car...
  4. Sp!ke

    My W124 coupe and unreliable friends.

    After buying my SL500, my W124 hasnt had much of a look-in and has been sat in the road looking sorry for itself for nearly three months. I'd promised it to a friend (for free) who lives in France and despite reminding him that he needs to pick up the car for nearly 3 months now, today he...
  5. S

    CLK200 - unreliable escalation process

    HI Not sure where to put this cry for help I have a CLK 200 sport 4 years old which I have owned for approx 7 months, it is a bit of a DOG - its still under MB approved car warranty fortunatly as the following is a potted history. Collected car and reported tyres with new large gouges "2"...
  6. I

    Bolster Wear – unreliable evidence?

    Hi All, I’m just about to go for the 300/24 sportline I’ve been looking at. The wear to the bolster is high (I think) for a vehicle with 90 k miles, but probably means nothing more than the driver was either large, or elderly, or clumsy, or short, or overweight – elementary, my Dear...
  7. BTB 500

    Why are motorway matrix signs so unreliable?

    We do a lot of motorway driving early on Saturday and Sunday mornings (on the way to dog shows). Mostly M3, M4, M25, M23, M1, M40. I would say almost every trip we get a totally spurious warning or speed limit from the orange matrix signs. Last Saturday on a deserted M4 at about 7AM it was...
  8. R

    Britains Most unreliable car survey

    My kids play a game when we are out and about which is to count which nationality of cars is broken down at the roadside the most. The breakdown doesn't count if it is obviously a puncture because anyone can get a puncture. From our years of playing this game the answer is French cars seem to...
  9. janner

    The most unreliable luxury cars

    Got this from a US site. No prize for guessing who had the most cars in the worst 14 list. Forbes.com Worst 14 list
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