1. F

    Posting pictures

    Can someone tell me how to upload photos from iPad or PC, all I can see is URL, I've no idea how to do it from JPEG.
  2. CRBXF

    Uploading pictures

    Was wanting to upload the piccies of my new pride and joy a C Class 300h but can't do it. Must I have a set number of posts before being able to do this? Also do I need a separate picture hosting web account? Chris
  3. S

    Uploading Images/Video's

    Hi guys, can anyone advise what the best method to upload images and video's is for this forum. Used to use Photobucket donkey's years ago but wondered if there is anything better out there. Cheers
  4. Markjames

    Uploading photos

    Ones anyone know why when I try uploading any photo I'm told it exceeds my quota by ....... Last one I tried exceeded by 83.6kb. They are only photos taken on phone and iPad. Have been able to do them in the past. Thanks
  5. JohnnyLou

    uploading i-phone contacts

    hi, can anyone give me some tips on how to transfer my I-phone contacts and phone numbers into the phone book system on my 220 cdi 2008 m/b telephony/radio A20 system,it seems that I can't get the I-phone to "send" the info to the system via the Bluetooth!
  6. MD5

    Uploading pictures and slow forum?

    Hi Guys, I have a couple of issues, possibly both at my end. Firstly, is anyone else finding the forum slow? It can take more than a minute to get into some threads. Secondly, I have recently found that if I want to upload images directly to a website where it's possible (such as...
  7. HB

    Ferrari will ban me too for uploading this

    How Ferrari spins
  8. HB

    Ferrari will ban me too for uploading this

    How Ferrari spins
  9. h17n dj

    uploading pics

    Hi guys as the title suggests, im havin a spot of trouble uploading pics lol! i feel like a ight retard... it says my pic files are too big... :S the max size is around 90kb and all my pics r around 5 MB.... any ideas on what to do?? all help greatly apprecciated... cheers in advance :thumb:
  10. trando

    Uploading contacts from an iPhone to COMAND in a C63

    MB said that there is a problem with uploading contacts from iPhones to COMAND using Bluetooth. MB said it couldn't be done without buying a cradle, which I didn't particularly want to do... There is a workaround though which sounds a lot more daunting than it actually is. I followed these...
  11. A

    Uploading pics to ebay? error message?

    Hello Following on from our Challenge car post the Celica is now for sale :) :bannana: :) However I have just tried to do three adverts on flea bay and it crashed saying some error with picture upload? Never had a problem before? anyone else tried adding pics and having probs at the moment?
  12. A

    pics uploading

    Just wanted to say I've bought my E Class and want to post some pics. If anyone knows how to do this pls let me know. Thanks Adam.
  13. Brian WH

    Tutorial on uploading pictures

    For those people having problems posting Pictures. You need to upload pictures from a web-site, using http:// or IMG links.
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