1. stwat

    Sending emails to AOHELL users

    Ive been trying to send an email to a mate who has recently got AOL as his server. The email addy is defo correct as he sent me one from the addy im trying to send to. In other words im replying to his email. MSN email sais the mail has been sent(about 5 times now) but he just aint getting...
  2. Steve_Perry

    XP Users, time to start Patching again.

    Just read the following at ZD Net...,39020330,39187233,00.htm Seems a whole bunch of updates are available. My auto update hasn't picked up on them yet but a manual cruise past MS's dedicated site told me of 9 new high priority updates. Just thought I'd share :)...
  3. SEM

    Papal Ebay Users Scam (the usual)

    I've just recieved the new Paypal scam re: new email address entered please confirm. For all you ebay users that use this and use paypal, it looks genuine but the links are spoof. even though it shows a secure https:// link. It has been reported and confirmed spoof. SEM
  4. K

    Info for air con users

    I had an interesting chat with an air con specialist who fitted a new compressor in my J plate W124 diesel estate for the previous owner. I have the original receipt from June 2000 and so decided to ring the firm to gain an idea of its life expectancy, etc. During the course of the...
  5. R

    Ebay users WARNING

    Hi There I keep getting spook emails claiming to be Ebay. Please be very careful as it very convincing. Please see the spook URL below: Which then goes on to ask for your credit card details. I have already had my...
  6. P

    Linguatronic Users

    Just had retro fit to W211 as normal no manuals. The system seems easy to use so do i really need a manual? If so which one? Any help appriciated
  7. Sp!ke

    I.E. Users watch out

    For those of you still using Internet Explorer, be careful out there... Personally I've switched to Firefox by Mozilla
  8. A

    One of THE best resource pages for XP users

    not sure if you all know this site but it's well worth a look if you have any Windows XP problems Andy
  9. Kinky

    Possible alert for Road Angel Users

    In fact it would apply to all speed/gps/camera/rader/laser detectors ..... Might be worth keeping tabs on this discussion ... All stems from this: Discussion thread...
  10. pammy

    OT - Any users of M$ Project out there....

    ...I have a prob that I'm hoping one of you may have an answer to. I am compiling a new project plan, Gantt chart type, and want to show periods of peak annual leave. I don't want it as non working time and I don't want to have to go down identifying individuals for specific tasks and their...
  11. GrahamC230K

    FAO Road Angel Users - New Software

    Guys, There is a new version of the Road Angel software - 1.7.1 UK Find it here: You can choose whether to have Cameras and Blackspots or just cameras with this version - ie it totally deletes the Blackspots :D :D Blackspot Servers under...
  12. G

    Most Users Online - 25/11/03

    77 users yesterday morning? Beats the old record (65?) fair and square. Great site, great people. :bannana: :bannana: :bannana:
  13. Steve_Perry

    A question for Road Angel users...

    When you leave your car unattended do you remove your Road Angel from public view on the dashboard, or do you just leave it in place? Whenever I go anywhere and the car is parked, I always disconnect the RA and lock it in the glove box compartment (yes it actually fits!! :p ). I was just...
  14. Kinky

    FYI - for Road Angel users ....

    Picked this up on Pistonheads - posted today .... FOR ROAD ANGEL USER +POSSIBLY OTHER SAT SYASTEMS Posted by pesty Around my area there is a type of mobile van that uses fixed sites I wrote to RA to see if these sites are covered here is my poorly written question and their reply...
  15. BaldGuy

    65 users!!!!!

    65 users on the 11th @ 2:32pm :eek: :eek: Dont u guys and girls work???? Still blxxdy working now..... :mad: Before I get flamed.... Not as I write this you understand... :D
  16. F

    Users online

    We currently have 15 people online at 11am :o What do we all do for a living? how can we be on here and working. I work in Internet Technical support , so , im covered .. but , what about everyone else?:D
  17. Tan

    A2 Users Beware

    Hi Whilst using one of the bridges that crosses the A2 near Bexleyheath today I noticed a mobile speed camera van sitting near the middle focusing on the London bound carriageway. Another call for radar i guess. Does anyone know what type of speed detection these vans use? i.e. Will a...
  18. S

    Users of Zymol wax

    My husband has a brilliant silver car with cloth interior. Which wax would you recommend that he should use? I did log on to the zymol website. However, I got quite lost reading all the blurb. Regards, swl
  19. jimmy

    Active Users

    Nothing to do with MB's! Out of curioisity why do some members names appear red in the active users list at the bottom of the screen?
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