1. Diesel Benz

    Xentry TIPS users?

    Anyone here using Xentry TIPS, have you noticed problems reading vehicle datacards? I'm getting at least two different error messages, depending on the VIN I try. I wonder if this is an issue with the service, can anyone confirm observing the same?
  2. carnut

    Attention all users

    Thanks to Admin for this useful post :eek:
  3. Baron_Samedi

    Calling all MB ipod interface users!

    Hi, I'm getting an ipod interface installed in my car soon, but was wondering whether there are issues with signal level being too low. What I am asking is whether the line amplifier is needed to boost low input levels to the head unit (in this case an Audio 20). Ta Gary
  4. imadoofus

    Win XP Users

    We have a desktop pc with XP Home, and two users, me and Mrs Doofus. We use fast user switching. Today, Mrs D told me that although I was logged on, she wasn't and couldn't. When you clicked on her avatar, the screen flickered, and returned to the logon screen. So I rebooted the pc, and...
  5. mercmanuk

    itunes users

    whatever you do dont upgrade to itunes 8 if using windows vista,i did this the other day and have major problems,albums splitting up,cant add artwork,artwork gets removed automatically,when i looked on the net there are 1000's of posts saying the same.again a case of a major software programme...
  6. H

    Phone Users Public Shaming

    Those using hand-held mobiles while driving should now be wary of "vigilante" fellow motorists as well as the police. A road safety website has been set up to allow drivers to report anyone they see breaking the mobile phone regulations and committing other motoring offences. And around 1,500...
  7. H

    Jail For Phone Users

    PHONE USERS TO BE JAILED The crown Prosecution Service has issued sentencing guidelines that drivers using a handheld mobile phone would be prosecuted for dangerous driving and could face up to two years in jail. The ruling applies equally to fiddling with the sat-nav while driving, or the...
  8. Dieter

    Only road users..............

    Hi, It appears that "road users are the only energy users currently paying the full cost of their carbon emissions" so well done us :rolleyes: Cheers,:eek:
  9. mb240

    E5 (95% unleaded/ 5% bioethanol) fuel and Mercedes - any users?

    Maxol here are about to replace all of their regular 95RON unleaded with "E5" fuel which is 95% unleaded and 5% bioethanol which they source locally. Here, we have basically got 95RON and a few stations with 97RON (very rare due to extra super high tax). Now, Maxol have said that this new E5...
  10. WLeg

    Any Tomtom 5/7/910 users ?

    Who can tell me if the external mic, antenna, and RDS antenna plug into the Tomtom unit or the mount ? I'm looking to custom fit one into my Audi, where the drivers side air vent currently...
  11. A

    Any Cinema 4D users here?

    I know there are a couple of Max users but does anyone use C4D on a regular basis. If so do you have any free time over the next few days and want to earn yourself a few quid? Andy
  12. Satch

    NTL users take note!!

    Got my bill today and it was higher than usual. Quickly became clear that the transition to Virgin Media pricing can throw up glitches, in my case effectively being charged twice for television service because I was not being billed for a bundle, just individual services and also managed to...
  13. C

    Ireland users - headcount?

    So I'm just wondering how many users are in Ireland - North or South? Thinking of potentially setting up some kind of meet or run or something... Thoughts?
  14. wobbly

    Most Users Ever Online !

    I have just been reading the "Whats going on?" section, and the "Most users ever online" The most users on line is 369 on 29.5.2005 at 06.58am. That was a Sunday morning! What were you people doing up at that time on a Sunday reading about Mercs. I know I wasnt logged on the, I was on a...
  15. GrahamC230K

    M27/M3 Users

    Not sure if this is just a circular, fact or fiction, but worth noting I guess and any incentive to drive slower is a license saver anyway. An email I recieved:
  16. Maff

    Any Apple iMovie HD users here?

    I've got some DV video's on my laptop that i'm trying to convert so I can upload them to the web but not sure what codec and file type to use :crazy: I can choose from AVI, quicktime, MP4 and more, but each has their own settings again, rate, window size, frame rate, sound rate So, does...
  17. Dieselman

    Most ever users online.

    Can it be right that there were 369 users on line on 29/05/05? Seems a bit high.
  18. mobeyone

    calling all mobil1 users

    How often do you top up? I had my c320 serviced about 3k miles ago and got a message advising 1.5l is needed... I was told by numerous sources this would happen because of how thin the oil is... anyone confirm this? thanks in advance
  19. A

    Most users online?

    Is that true? The busiest this forum has been was at 7am yesterday morning? What were you lot doing up at that time on a Sunday, or was it just bots? Even I wasn't up then and I was working :eek:
  20. Spinal

    Alert Mozilla Firefox Users

    I recently realised that quite a few of you are firefox users when I posted the info on the bug for versions 1.02 and earlier. Well, two more bugs have been released, this time with a "extremly critical" rating... So my fellow firefox users, its back to the Mozilla site for an update...
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