1. H

    Mercedes M120 v12 engine complete

    From a 1996 s600, 190k miles but VERY well maintained by an MB enthusiast known to me who owned it from 90k miles. Have the service books and will be included. Sensible offers only please.
  2. M

    Tandem Pump for v12 biturbo

    Good morning, Just been told the tandem pump on my S600L Biturbo needs replacing. What should this cost? Is it an engine out job? Thank you, Mark.
  3. mbzclk

    Comand aps ntg2 2010/11 v12 dvd

    COMAND APS NTG2 Genuine Mercedes Benz DVD for sale. This is the 2010/11 DVD (Version 12) and comes with TMC enabled! £35 cash on collection or +£3 for 2nd Class Recorded Delivery. Cheers! :thumb:
  4. A

    17" AMG Monoblocks with Hankook Ventus V12 and custom stainless exhaust

    http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/classifieds-cars-sale/182985-w202-w-reg-c200-esprit-sale.html#post2025505 If anyone is interested in the wheels and tyres from above £ 550. Exhaust £ 250 Get in touch if you have any questions. Thanks.
  5. M

    126 SEC with M120 V12

    To me this is a cool conversion: Used 1987 Mercedes-Benz SEC Series SEC for sale in Essex | Pistonheads V12 power in an older 126 is very appealing. Hopefully a properly executed conversion. Shame the seller doesn't list what the remaining required work. Add a proper AMG steering wheel, AMG...
  6. B

    6.0L V12 Flexplate with 60-2 trigger, who has one?

    Hi! I have a 6.0l V12 that I think is from 94 or 95. It has a flexplate with three large arches for the VR sensors. I am replacing the stock ecu(s) with Ms3-pro after the harness cought fire. Trouble is that I need a flexplate that has a 60-2 trigger instead of the three arches. So far, after...
  7. Pitts Pilot

    Help! Should my next SL be a 600 Bi Turbo?

    So I sold my Pitts Special stunt plane a few weeks ago, after 7 years of turning myself upside down at 200 mph, and my thoughts have now turned to something on the ground with a little more ‘oomph’ than my beautiful SL350 (With the optional ABC, you know!) (It'll be for sale soon...Anyway!)...
  8. H

    V12 Coil Packs

    I suspect I have faulty Coil Pack on my CL600. am getting the codes P0300 P0310 P0311 and P312. I have been going throught the forum for advice on best prices and possible repairs and havent really got anywhere.. I have found in USA new packs for decent price but would prefer to buy them in...
  9. Pilotprice

    SL 65 v12 biturbo

    Whilst at Costco on Friday I saw one of these! What a motor! Can't tell how old it was due to a private plate but the interior was older school Merc. Reading on the net they are about 2004/2005? Can't seem to find much info! Must be a rocket? Has one driven or owned one?
  10. Alfie

    NTG 2.5 V12 maps now available.

    Just received the latest NTG 2.5 V12 2014 map disk set :thumb:
  11. e55nick

    S55 AMG or S600L V12 Bi

    Okay, so I really miss my E55, but I also miss my S500L. I am looking into getting either an S55 or a bi turbo S600. I really want to know your opinions on th epros and cons of these vehicles. I know they both need mortgages if they go wrong but what are the things to look out for? Mercedes...
  12. kalvin928

    who bought the cl600 v12 on ebay for £1500??

    saw a lovely one on ebay 5 mins ago and thought what a bargain, even thought it had oil cooler problem... was in Northwich... anyone see this/ is it members car... black beast... went back to view and its gone... it was BIN so that's probably what happened??
  13. S

    2003 S430 - Carsoft v12 No Comm with SRS Module

    Hi SRS light is on with message on Instrument Cluster "SRS system defective, see dealer". Tried reading codes with Carsoft v12 (Belgium Purchased version) and module does not respond. All other modules in car communicate ok. Also tried with snap-on Mt2500 with 2003 Mercedes module, same no...
  14. Sp!ke

    Another nice SL600 V12

    Good colour combination too. 1996 Mercedes-Benz SL600 V12 6.0 Auto R129 Glass Panoramic Roof A Must See!! | eBay
  15. mattyboy cl600

    coil packs for cl 600 v12 200 plate

    Hi Can or does anyone know where I can get coil packs for my cl600 cheaper than main dealer prices any info will be much appreciated Matt
  16. HotJambalaya

    Plate for sale V12 SLH

    Friend has asked me to put this up here, plate for sale V12SLH £1399+fees let me know here either on the thread or via PM and I'll pass on the details

    V12 Bi Turbo

    I am thinking of selling my CL600 Bi Turbo. Prior to putting a complete listing, I wanted to see if there was any interest on the forum. 2005 silver with 41k Miles. Last service (MB) July 2013, next due July 2015 or 9k miles. UK car. I am the third owner, Purchased by me in July 2011. Has been...
  18. bennesspipers

    Me playing wi an Aston V12 DBS

    Fun drive in an Aston Martin DBS 6ltr V12 - YouTube As soon as i saw the DB9 & Ferrari in front the teeth were gritted :bannana:
  19. johncook109

    DVD Command Apps NTG3.0 V12

    Original Mercedes Benz DVD Command Apps NTG3.0 Sat-Nav map update V12 to suit 2007 S Class 320 CDi W221. As V13 has now been out a while I thought someone might want to sell on the previous version, I only require the DVD Disc`s not the book.:thumb:
  20. M

    C140 V12 S600 Coupe RIP

    My beautiful S600 W140 Coupe caught fire last week and I have had to write it off. It was running a little rough on the way to work so I decided to turn round and go home and collect one of the other cars. I had already got it booked in to SPR Autos a few days later to get the blower fan...
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