1. N

    vito v280 help

    Hi Can anyone help with a picture or diagram of the wiring order of a Parking / neutral sensor wiring harness where the cables enter the rear of the harness plug. spanish mechanics smashed of the plug and sensor from the gearbox whilst removing....:fail... now left with 6 wires and no idea...
  2. G

    New member with a v280

    Hello to all. Have owned my v280 since 2008 and not had many problems ( unusual I believe ) although did have to change the engine recently, due to damage from the water pump breaking up and head gasket failure. Hoping that once I sort out a few niggles, it will be ok again. Has been a good van...
  3. V V classy

    V280 wont start.......

    Hi all , new here...:o......Basically i've transplanted a perfectly running v280 vr6 engine and box into my 108cdi....The van was driving perfectly the day i removed it, i'd bought the whole van as i knew i'd need the looms ecu's etc.......So simply put i've done it all now but the thing wont...
  4. H

    V280 ambiente

    I have a V280 ambiente van, which I have just stripped down to the cylinder block. The block is cracked in 4 places dose anyone know if I can use a Vr6 golf mark 3 engine 2.8 as I have heard this is the engine used for the v280 van, don,t want to spend money on the wrong engine.
  5. P

    Wanted - V280 sunroof (rear)

    I've just noticed that the rear sunroof on my 2000 v280 has seemingly shattered all by itself. I can only assume that it was frost damage as there was no foreign objects found - I did suspect a roof tile at first. Anyway, does anyone have a spare sunroof lying around or can advise of...
  6. N

    Leak from V280 (Underneath)

    Hi just purchased a V280 amb on a R 98 with 54k on the clock Problem I have is when I pull away from start up i leave a trail of what seems to be water, but it leaves marks on my drive and does not dry out. It does not seem to be oil as I do not get those lovely patterns and it does not...
  7. F

    Fans not cutting in on V280

    HI there We have a V280 people carrier around 6 years olds. We've had a problem where the car is overheating from time to time. We've had it in to a Merc main garage who told us the air con compressor had failed. As our warranty wouldn't cover their labour charges, we took it to an...
  8. Madferrit

    V280 Gearbox issues

    I've been reading through some of the old threads and can't seem to find anything that relates to the problems i'm encountering.. hence i hope this post hasn't been answered before! Problem: Have been driving the V280 uptil last weekend and everything is fine. On Saturdayi started to get a...
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