1. Yugguy

    hid under volt?

    So fitted hid kit today, canbus friendly. Lights OK with ignition on, go off after 5 secs with engine running. No errors so I think it is low voltage to ballasts so ballasts are shutting off. Could fit a relay but then would there not be bulb failure errors cos no power sensed on the original...
  2. A

    12 volt power socket

    2006 c class 220 cdi avantgarde , how to remove and refit power socket [cigar lighter ] HELP PLEASE
  3. N

    12 volt lighter sockets not working

    Does anybody have a solution or having the same problem with the 12 volt cigarette sockets? I have 1 working in the rear of the car but the other rear does not work and neither does the front. I have checked the fuses and they are fine which i thought that they would be as the 1 in the rear...
  4. W

    12 volt Socket

    I believe there is a 12v socket in the rear ashtray of my 2011 C2220 CDI, but I cannot seem to open the ashtray. It seems just like a blank panel. Anyone know if the ashtray was an optional extra, if not it must be stuck and any tips on opening it without damage would be appreciated.
  5. B

    Interior lighting: 12 Volt vs 240 Volt

    For interior downlighters what are the pros and cons of 12 Volt vs 240 Volt fittings? And low energy? I assumed 12 Volt setups used a central transformer but it looks like that is not the case While we're at it, could someone qualified to comment give me the lowdown on what electrical work...
  6. B

    1998, w292 c250 diesel, 12 volt switched wire colour?

    hi there, I have a 1998 w202 c250 diesel. I am looking for a 12 volt feed that will be live with the ignition key turned on but dead when turned of. it needs to be under the bonnet as I am fitting a 12 volt fuel cut of valve. does anybody know what colour of wire I am looking for and the...
  7. A

    12 volt socket in boot of E class estate S211

    Hello Silly question and it might even be in the handbook but the forum is probably quicker than me finding it. My car is 85% packed for off and we are now taking a portable fridge... Which side is the 12v socket so I only have to unpack half a car to find it :) I think its on the...
  8. Benzmanc

    Sls volt

    SLS AMG E-CELL: the high-voltage gullwing | Daimler > Company > Web Specials > SLS AMG E-CELL
  9. KillerHERTZ

    The Chevy Volt Dance

    Oh dear... xvwTMZNWGuk&
  10. 1

    12 volt ceramic heater questions?

    I was wondering if anyone had one of these? and if so what do you think of it? I've looked at a few online and they are not expensive ... so I was thinking they may be a waste of time, if not even dangerous? Any views appreciated, I did read about them somewhere but could not find it just...
  11. rlowy

    SLK 12 Volt Power Supply

    Does a SLK 2006 model year have a 12 volt socket anywhere?
  12. Goldfish11

    Update - 240 volt dual action polisher (porter cable)

    Just to keep everyone upto date. You may remember in June there was talk of Autopia ( http://store.yahoo.com/cgi-bin/clink?autopia+MBWu4u+index.html+ ) releasing a 240volt CE approved dual action "Ultimate Detailing Machine". The launch date was Autumn 2007. I have been in touch with the...
  13. C

    12 volt connection point ?

    I was thinking of trying out the old 27Mhz CB radio, but was wondering where to get an easy 12v connection and earth, without pulling the dashboard apart, and wires all over the place. (Will use an external mag mount for the ariel). Any electric experts got any ideas on best 12v and earth...
  14. G

    SL500 - 12 volt supply from comand 2.0

    I have fitted a dvb-t tv to my comand 2.0 in my SL500. It all works fine but I can't find any 12volt source which is switched by turning on the comand system. I've therefore used the supply to the cig lighter. but this means that I've always got to turn on the aux supply to watch tv. Does anyone...
  15. Thmsshaun

    High AMP 240 - 12 Volt PSU

    Anyone know where I can get or look at specs of high ampage 240 - 12Volt power supplys? Maplin have up to 30Amps but could do with something up to well getting close to 100 at least. I am guessing mega £££'s but then also need to work out what wattage the tranformer will require from the 240...
  16. glojo

    12 volt adapter

    Help!! I have been surfing the Internet trying to find something that I can plug into the mains.... Then quite simply plug a 12volt car adapter type plug into it. I am sure it's out there, I am simply to thick to find it. I have found one product that is a rechargeable type battery that...
  17. A

    12 volt - 240 volts AC inverter

    12 volt - 230/240 - 50hz volts AC inverter - 800 watts constant power modified sinewave inverter with 2 kw peak (surge) power in perfect working order but the case has a few scratches and marks as you'd expect from it being used on a regular basis 2 x 13 amp 3 pin plug output, fan cooled (but...
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