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  1. Lenny63

    w210 w/ FMBSH - will they repair corrison?

    Hi All As title states, if a car has been maintained throughout its life by MB themselves and has a fully documented history, will they honor the 30 year corrosion warranty? Are there any T&C's to this (like mileage) car is 2001 with 260k on it :bannana:
  2. c63k

    C63 BS w/ Weistec Headers (Video)

    I don't think this has been posted here previously, but found a youtube video that gives a decent impression of the, erm, vocal range, of a C63 Black Series with long tube headers (Weistec this time). Honestly, the bit from about 5:00 minutes onwards gave me the fizz the first time I listened...
  3. N

    '98 202 C250 TD (w/ AC) V-belt replacement

    Mine's looking a bit shabby (been looking that way for a good old while TBH) so I decided to change it. AFAI can see on WIS they recommend taking the fan off & the shroud out. The problem is someone has had a go at the bolt holding the fan on & I can't get anything to work to take it our, can't...
  4. Gridlock

    C43 azurite blue w/ xenons (no MOT)

    As title - looking to gauge interest in my C43. She's got no MOT because someone stole my catalytic converter from my garage: she has the "Olly back section" exhaust, and straight-through downpipes from the manifold. 172K miles, runs, B service about 50 miles ago/18 months. I was hoping to...
  5. Screwdriver

    WTB: W115 300 Diesel RHD w/ AC (Finder's fee offered)

    Greetings! I'm looking for a W115 /8 300D with A/C. Must be a rust free, pristine example. I will have the car examined by my MB specialist prior to purchase so the owner must be okay with this. I will pay a 5% of the agreed upon final agreed upon value as a finders fee once complete...
  6. Dysonology

    W211 w/ iPhone 3G cradle (and cable) - phone but no music?

    Hi all, Hoping that there's just something silly I've missed but... Bought a new (to me) Avant Garde W211 estate. Few initial teething problems but it's ace and I love it. Six disc changer in the front by the gear box. Nav DVD in the boot. DVD but no data disc slot above the COMAND screen...
  7. N

    4 AMG Aero II 17 x 7½ ET35 202 400 0302 wheels w/ nearly new 245 45 ZR17 tyres. £395

    A set of four genuine AMG 17" x 7½J ET 35 wheels with the part # HWA 202 400 03 02. These came from the C200 / C36 rep I'm breaking - http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/classifieds-general-sale/161803-breaking-96-w202-c200-sport-black-leather-c36-bodykit-17-amgs-moonroof-sch%E4tz.html The tyres...
  8. R

    Beetle w/ Mercedes Bonnet

    Its kinda like a Mercedes. But on LSD. Volkswagen Beetle LHD with Mercedes Bonnet
  9. M

    W211: Mirror Adjustment Switch w/ Power Folding Mirrors

    Hi guys, if someone has this switch with parts number A21182161797C45 please let me know.
  10. Q

    '91 Mercedes 190E - HELP w/ Light

    We own a 1991 Mercedes 190E 2.3 car. I'm having troubles getting this backlight to come on... the gear shift panel The backlight which illuminates the P/D/R/3/2 does not come on so it is difficult at night shifting to/from reverse/drive. I've checked the fuse box and there doesn't appear...
  11. Inkyskin

    Armrest w/ box for w202 in balck

    As the title says! Don't mind if it's wood trim or what, it'll be getting covered up anyhow. Cheers!
  12. SportsCoupeRich

    Road Angel Compact W/ Laser

    £250 brand new out. opinions? Was about to buy the origin b2 under all your recommendations but whats the view on this new toy?
  13. C240Sport97

    OZ Superleggera 18" Wheels for W202/208/ etc etc

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