1. P

    W209 - aftermarket stereo/nav

    Have anyone heard of Smarty Trend, http://smarty-trend.com/34-mercedes-android-car-dvd-units. Same system is sold by Shenzhen Canavie Technology Co., Ltd, http://www.canaviet.com/e_products/Android-Car-Audio-Car-Multimedia-Mercedes-Benz-14.html? The SMARTY Trend, ST-5165997 is included with a...
  2. V

    W209 mid-face Xenon headlights

    Hello guys, I recently bought OEM Xenon headlights for my CLK and I plan to retrofit these. I also bought the cables from the front and rear axle. However, I am not sure what should I do now. On the right headlight, there are 3 sockets - 4 pins, 5 pins and 6 pins. My original connector is...
  3. S

    W209 Clk55 Decat pipes or pipe diameter

    Hi folks I'm the happy new owner of a 2003 Clk55,and looking to remove the secondery cats, leaving everything else stock, original single AMG rear box . Ideally someone will point me in the direction of decat pipe kit, or alternatively give me the original pipe outside diameter so i can cut...
  4. B

    Clk w209

    Hello all! I'm looking to purchase a clk 320 convertible, ideally after 2004 so it has the newer style interior. I was initially looking at a 350 but the balancer shaft issues put me off. The 320 appears to be bullet proof, apart from 12 spark plugs which can be a little dear is there any...
  5. B

    W209 CLK Parktronic and Mult-contour seats not working

    Hi I have a 2006 CLK and the Parktronic which has displays front and rear is off and also the multi-contour seats do not work. I thought it was a fuse because they both share fuse 13 but it is fine. Does anyone know what the problem could be? Thanks
  6. B

    CLK W209 Strange Roof Problem

    Hi guys - wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what could be causing this issue. After a long drive, or if the car has been sat in the sun and has got really hot, the roof will not open. The windows come partially down and the front section of the roof slightly detaches but the back is...
  7. S

    W209 Gear wont shift

    Hi all, Gear box problem with my W209 CLK 2005 model changed transmission oil Wednesday 02/08 same transmission problem a week ago any help or suggestion /repair cost will be appreciated. Location BB7 RAC DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM System Type: ENGINE SYSTEM TEST/VALUES Name: 272.940 - ME...
  8. W

    Central locking and radio reception W209 06

    My CLK 320 coupe 2006 has developed a central locking and radio reception problem. From what I can gather it is most likely the antenna amplifier, what I cant work out is it's location, is it attached to the rear screen, the C pillar passenger side or under the dashboard at the front or all of...
  9. D

    Clk w209 front grill mercedes star

    Wanted front grill star for my clk 2005 diameter 16 cm
  10. D

    W209 transmission fluid

    Hi there, I've recently bought a clk270 cdi 2005 with 138k on clock, it has mercedes service history since 30k until the last one and there is no mention about changing transmission fluid. What would be the advice? Change it or do not touch it? Gearbox works good with no kicks the only thing i...
  11. K

    W209 CLK500 Camber Bolts

    May I have some advise please folks (and apologies if this subject has been covered in some length before - Couldnt find a previous CLK topic for it) I'll be getting the alignment (camber/cast/etc.) on a hunter machine next few weeks but aware I need to pick these up rear camber bolts before...
  12. astamir

    clk w209 brembo front caliper

    Hi guys needed a passenger side front 4pots brake caliper. Damaged the bleeding valve on mine so only need the case itself without the auxiliaries. The brembo part number is 20791502. As far as I know the calipers from clk500 clk55 clk320cdi some C classes have the same ones also the slk350 amg...
  13. T

    W209 CLK320 oil filer tool?

    Need to give the other half's CLK an oil change soon but don't have a mb oil filter cap socket, what am I googling for?/partnumber maybe? Any help much appreciated :-) Sent from my P6000 Pro using Tapatalk
  14. H

    CLK w209 keyless entry not working

    Hi I cant seem to get my keyless entry to work on my 2006 CLK350 convertible. The batteries in the key seem to be working fine as it locks and unlocks the doors via the buttons etc. When inside the car, the keyless go function also works fine, so I can start the car with the keys in my...
  15. Gioconda

    Bluetooth on Comand unit W209

    Hi all - I'd love to be able to stream from my iPhone 6 through my Comand unit (2004 CLK). Does anyone know if the below would be suitable? KFZ Radio Bluetooth Interface Adapter cable MMI AMI Plug for Mercedes Comand | eBay If it means sacrificing the 6 CD changer I don't mind....(Don't...
  16. K

    W209 2003 Roof cover latch part number help

    hi guys, after some help - having issues with the convertible top on my dads CLK, I have found that the latch behind the back seat (passenger side) which holds the roof cover down has a broken microswitch. could someone please let me know the correct part number, picture of the part is below...
  17. M

    W209 CLK350 Sport - Coupe

    My fiancée came up with the great idea of going halves on a new daily driver - this seemed like a good plan to me! We wanted something comfortable with a large - or relatively large - V6 or V8 petrol engine mated to a torque converter auto gearbox. My fiancée was at first bit reticent about...
  18. M

    W209 CLK COMAND Sat Nav - A 209 820 76 89

    This was a factory fit unit from a UK car that was dismantled for spares so I am comfortable with its provenance. Details: Harman/Becker Model number: BE 7092 Part number: A 209 820 76 89 Date of manufacture: 14/07 £399 + postage.
  19. C

    CLK W209 glove box catch

    Opened and tried to close my glove box today, not an unusual thing to try doing, but the glove box would not latch shut. Can't see anything amiss but something must have decided to stop working. Any suggestions would be helpfully received. It's a coupe, by the way.
  20. clk320x

    New Mercedes Benz OEM xenon Ballast A2038209385 Bosch:130732907201 W209 W203 CLK C

    New Mercedes Benz xenon OEM Ballast A2038209385 Bosch:130732907201 W209 W203 CLK C Class Brand new in MB box. RRP £350 Box is tatty as was old stock and seems to have been stored a few years however it is brand new and unused I bought this online thinking I'd need it for my car but I needed a...
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