1. wu56Shoozz

    Land Rover Fans be warned...

    C510GVU is "Cummin'" for ya...enjoy.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x14zeVJC3yI
  2. D

    Drivers of diesel motor vehicles are warned that they face higher costs

    I don't know if this has already been discussed. I've only just seen it. Diesel car drivers 'betrayed' as EU cracks down on Britain over air pollution - Telegraph According to yesterday's Times, diesel car pollution is 25 times the legal limit :eek: Diesel car pollution is 25 times...
  3. alistairgd

    BMW Warned over Ad - on Twitter

    Background Ad A tweet that appeared on BMW's UK Twitter feed and as a promoted tweet on the complainant's Twitter news feed stated "Capable of 0-62mph in just 4.8 seconds, the new #BMW M235i promises you one hell of a ride: po.st/TEST2". The ad also featured an image of a red BMW turning a...
  4. The _Don

    Richard Hammond warned not to drive his new £100,000 Porsche 911 gt3

  5. Ratz

    Thinking of ordering a new VW - be warned!

    My boss ordered a new Passatt CC 18 weeks ago but is still waiting to take delivery. You might not think this is such a big deal, but it's not a build or shipping issue - the car has been in the UK for 3 weeks but due to VW installing a 'new computer system' they don't know where it is, or...
  6. S

    'Chunnel' users, you've been warned!

    This is one to look out for if your holiday is taking you under the channel this summer! BBC News - Forgotten Eurotunnel passengers taken back to England
  7. M

    You have been warned...

    ...wear sunglasses before looking at the interior pics of this wonderful car absolutely ruined by this fool choosing such colours... 2007 MERCEDES-BENZ S CLASS S63 4DR EX F1 WORLD CHAMPION JODY SCHECKTER'S
  8. ecossebev

    Be Warned.....

    One of the guys at work, who is on one of the Honda forums, told me that a GTG was organised at a service station down South recently. There was 47 cars turned up for the meet and the organiser received a nice letter informing him he had an £80 fine for overstaying the 2 hour limit in the car...
  9. Silestanix

    Cleaned after god knows how long...(Big Pics, 1024x768, be warned...)

    And here's the result...John, I hope this pleases you mate... ;) Got pics of when it was dirty (It got dirtier than that, was dirty up until now, mud, barely see any paintwork or alloy wheel colour on it til today :crazy: :o ) And here's today...more than two months after the...
  10. Steve_Perry

    If you drive a SMART (or Mini), be warned...

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/merseyside/4155674.stm Heh lion food. :D :devil: They'll have a white line before long... "your car has to be this long before entering lion enclosure" a bit like the "you have to be higher than this line to get on the ride" :p S.
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