1. steve333

    Warranty or not?

    So after just over 2 trouble free years of v8 cls ownership i've decided mine is a keeper for the next few(possibly 5)years(cars coming upto 5 years old),i only do about 7k miles annually & the cars at 33k now & if i keep it another 5 years would have only done around 68k,with that in mind i've...
  2. K

    Clutch destroyed after 200 miles - Warranty refused!

    Hi All, So following the purchase of my E350 Sport Cab I thought we'd also get the Mrs a new Merc and opted for a new B180 Sport. 1) Picked up on Saturday 2) Wife complains the clutch has slipped a couple of times on the Tuesday afternoon. (Totel mileage 90) 3) I drive it 120 miles on...
  3. T

    warranty work

    Well got my coupe back now and a copy of the receipt for its work and it has had a fair old bit done. All brake pads replaced Hand brake shoes and cable replaced Clutch replaced Both front coil springs replaced Drop links replaced Still to do New parcel shelf New glove box New...
  4. F

    extended warranty

    I've been given a price of £800 to re new my extended warranty on my 30,000 mile '58' plate C63 AMG estate with Warranty Direct, it's the Prestige & Performance LuxuryCare version, I know it's a risk but are these warranties really worth it, what do other members think?
  5. paul73mt

    Classed As Warranty?

    Well I've now got the car as all is well but have got a couple of niggles with it would these be covered by the warrenty and if so how do i go about making sure it's done under warrenty. 1. Drivers wingmirror squeaks and folds in/out slow and sometimes when folding in the motor seem to try and...
  6. M

    2006 SLK55, Should I get a warranty ?

    Hi Guys, I am thinking of getting this car. My question is : are they reliable or should I factor in the cost of a very comprehensive warranty? I would have thought that with the 55 engine and gearbox having been proved in other AMG;s they should be fine. Please do let me know your...
  7. bpsorrel

    What Car and Warranty Direct reliability survey..

    Unsurprisingly, Japanese cars at the top and Mercedes at the bottom, but some surprises.... BBC News - Japanese cars are 'most reliable' used car brands in UK
  8. clk208

    Claiming on Tier 1 warranty - typical authorisation time?

    Coming up to 6 weeks of CLS ownership and some teething problems on my car. I took it to the main dealer who I purchased from who read some diagnostic codes and performed a very thorough "vehicle health check". A few items need to be fixed. One of the more pressing items is a broken rear...
  9. bpsorrel

    Go Car Warranty

    I've noticed Go Car Warranty recommended on Parkers now.. Car Warranty - Car Warranties For New & Used Cars | Parkers For my car the "ultimate" which seems to cover a lot, comes out at under £400 which seems like a cracking deal. Anyone experienced them, good or bad? :)
  10. The _Don

    C55 AMG V8 inc 12 Months MERCEDES- BENZ Warranty

    Mercedes-Benz : C55 AMG V8 inc 12 Months MERCEDES- BENZ Warranty
  11. G

    MB corrosion warranty - any info on the terms and conditions of this?

    Hi. Can anyone point me to some info on the terms and conditions of the MB corrosion warranty. I've heard that your car needs a full MB service history to qualify. I've also heard that it needs an annual inspection too. Any pointer gratefully received. -g
  12. The _Don

    C55 AMG V8 - 1 Prev Ownr - rarer than C63 +12 Months Mercedes Warranty

    Mercedes-Benz : C55 AMG V8 - 1 Prev Ownr - rarer than C63 +12 Months Mercedes Warranty
  13. M

    Car warranty

    Anyone have a car warranty from companies like warrantywise etc Are they worth getting, and pros and cons?
  14. The _Don

    CLS55 AMG Facelift- KEYLESS GO -1 OWNR- Extended Warranty -32000 Miles (2006)

    Mercedes-Benz : CLS55 AMG Facelift- KEYLESS GO -1 OWNR- Extended Warranty -32000 Miles
  15. developer

    BMW Warranty

    A friend of mine has just bought a 16 month old 530d from a main dealer. He's been told that as an approved used he gets a 12 month warranty from purchase date, which would take him to month 28. Surely even as a used car it's covered by the 3 year manufacturers warranty, i.e 36 months...

    Piston heads. Merc with 30 year Warranty?

    Should we tell him?http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/detail.asp?i=3616166&action=updatebookmark
  17. Tan

    GO Car Warranty

    Hi Whilst looking for car warranties, I cam across this company and was thinking of taking out a policy for our A-class. They seam crazy cheap... anyone have any experience of them? Car Warranty - Protect your car from just £99 at GO Car Warranty Regards Tan
  18. J

    Warranty Query

    I am just approaching the end of a Plan B warranty provided by RAC which came with the car. I was told today that I need a new electronic ignition switch, and a new seal on the gearbox. I know they will only cover the parts listed, and I thought it probably would cover the EIS but not the...
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