1. F

    Whirring noise inside cabin

    Hi all, When I first put key in ignition I get a strange whirring noise that seems to be coming from the front seats? Lasts for a second or two then it's gone. Seems to do it each time you first start the car sometimes it will do it if you start the car later on in the day. Anyone any idea...
  2. D

    Whirring noise from engine

    Good Morning All, Not much of a poster of sorts but looking for a bit of advice. Car Details: Mercedes C180 Coupe Kompressor - Engine: M271 Fault: I've noticed a whirring noise from the engine which has only showed up the last week. The best way to explain it is that is sounds like a computer...
  3. K

    Annoying high pitched whirring.

    I've got a 2008 S320 CDI. Everything is fine with it and it drives really quietly except when I'm turning right for anything over a second. When I do, there is a quiet high pitched squealing coming from the passenger side air vent area. Not very loud but annoying. The previous owner said...
  4. V

    Loud whirring noise - rear wheel bearings?

    My 54K miles 1996 E220 coupe has developed a whirring noise that is speed sensitive - the faster the car goes the louder it gets. When I put the car into neutral while driving the noise does not stop, so I'm assuming it is not transmission related. Possibly rear wheel bearings? It does not...
  5. ivandraganov

    Whirring noise front at 60mph

    As above,starts near 60mph and becomes louder with the speed increase.Its from the front near side.Checked the play in all wheels didn't find anything wrong.Help please..
  6. I

    Strange whirring noise from W208 Rear

    All, I have a 2000 year (W reg) CLK200 (non-supercharged). I'm probably going to replace it soon as the rust is just getting too much... However, it has started making a strange whirring sound from the rear whenever I hit 1700 rpm when accelerating. It's difficult to describe. As soon as I...
  7. ScottBacon

    Whirring noise from front tyre - advice ??

    I have this whirring noise coming from front right tyre area. It isnt really loud on rough road surfaces but you can easily hear it on very nice smooth tarmac roads. It sounds exactly like a wheel bearing sort of noise where the faster you go the more whirring occurs. I took it into Merc...
  8. John_Doe

    Whirring noise while driving

    Afternoon all. I seem to have a random whirring noise while driving that obviously get louder and faster when I speed up. I know usually this could be anything so I decided to jack the back of the car up and have a look to check for the obvious, like brakes rubbing, bent alloy, bulge in a...
  9. MarkyMark

    Whirring noise from the back??

    Guys Noticed at 50mph+ I start to get a sort of faint whirring noise from the rear of the car? Can't make out if its coming from one side or not? My first thought is a wheel bearing starting to wear, just wondering if there is something else that is common on these cars? (my first Merc so...
  10. N

    Whirring noise from heater w204

    Any suggestions. A/c re gased made no difference, noise goes when heater turned completely off then comes back once the heater is on and A/C switched on
  11. Carrie01

    loud whirring noise

    Hi i'm having a problem with my mercedes ml 320 x reg yesterday when i came back home i couldnt get the car into reverse to park (its an automatic) so i tried a little and it managed to work properly then today pulled up at work and i could hear like a loud whirring noise so i turned it off then...
  12. wadeyblue

    Whirring or humming noise at low revs

    Had a whirring and/or humming noise which I could hear inside the car at low revs. Finally found out what was causing this :- Slightly low power steering fluid level. Topped it up and now all quiet again YIPPEE. Fluid container is just beside the water expansion tank under engine cover. Photo...
  13. C

    C200 CDI W204 Engine Whirring Noise

    Hi Folks, I've recently bought a 2008 C200 CDI (manual), loving the car at the moment but over the past couple of days I've noticed a loud whirring noise on engine start up when its been left overnight or in the car park at work, the whirring noise increases when revs are applied but generally...
  14. neilz

    Whirring sound - a bit like a buzzer?

    When my car is idling, there is a loud whirring/humming sound almost like a hazard buzzer half way along the car (or so) on the driver's side. The car drives fine (fuel consumption is getting dire so taking it in for that Halfords 'Fuel Service Plus' soon (worked wonders on my old 124)) but that...
  15. ladd220

    w124 e220 coupe - whirring grinding sound from under car

    Hi Folks, I hope someone can help... i have a 1996 w124 coupe. I posted a thread earlier this year explaining that i have a noise coming from under my car when its in DRIVE or REVERSE and the brake pedal is pressed. It was thought that it might be a vacuum leak causing the whistling/whirring...
  16. R

    E class long whining noise on switch off

    my W211 E280 CDI (facelift) emits a whirring/ whining noise a bit like an electric drill/ screwdriver, when i switch the engine off. :dk: this noise lasts about 10- 20 seconds and stops with a sound like a click. it can be heard from outside the car, and emanates from the engine bay...
  17. J


    So, since I've had the car (2 years) I've noticed that everytime I turn the engine off and take the keys out, about 1 min later there is a faint whirring noise coming from inside the dash and last for about 5 seconds. It sounds like something is 'winding down' but I have no idea. I'm not...
  18. M

    Whirring noise when fan on

    When my W211 has the fan on (irrespective of whether the aircon is on or not - and I know the aircon is on even when turned off), I get a whirring noise which sounds like the transmission is straining under revs. When I turn the fan off altogether, the noise disappears (even when driving...
  19. KillerHERTZ

    W211 Whirring noise after braking

    Had a drive in my Dad's 2003 W211 E240 and I noticed that after I had applied the brakes I could hear a whirring/vibrating noise coming from the engine bay area + I could feel it through the brake pedal. It happens when I have the brakes on, and also when I have taken my foot off. The best...
  20. F

    Strange whirring sound!

    Am sure somebody on here can point me in the right direction, as of yesterday i am hearing a strange whirring sound from my 04 e320cdi, its not the sbc ! but appears to be coming from under the car just in front of the offside rear wheel! what is located there? was wondering if it was either...
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