1. Mr Fixit

    Wife's out in my E55

    trouble is 'its just a car' as far as she is concerned! :eek::eek::eek: :(:(:(:(:(:(
  2. brucemillar

    My wife's 'new' car.

    Another V8, it sounds lovely - Hmmmmmmm. My wife loves it. Low mileage, fully maintained and looked after. We had one before and missed it (for the noise alone)
  3. merc85

    w168 Petrol, Manual and Fsh for the wife

    As above, Just thought it may be worth asking, After a w168 must have fsh and in good clean condition. Manual only and one thats not Silver also 5dr model. Budget upto £1,200 for the right car.
  4. CLSMark

    Did the CEO of MB sleep with this guys wife or something?

    https://youtu.be/XV9rJwEOCus Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. A

    Rust spots wife's fezz

    Washing the wife's little fiesta this morning I came across a couple of what I think are rust spots. Car 6 years old now not sure how long the warranty is with fords. If it's not covered how best to stop it from getting any worse and spreading under the paint. And this one is underneath the...
  6. A

    Gave the wife's car a wash and Polish

    First time I've cleaned the wife's car, she's had it 6 weeks now :eek: Before And after Gave all the plastic trim a going over with a cheap bottle of car plan back to black And finally cleaned the multiple spoked wheels took me any hour do all four :devil...
  7. A

    Small car for the wife

    Hiya all I'm after a small car for the wife who has a £8000 budget. Been looking through auto trader for the last 3 days and think I've narrowed it down to a Corsa, Polo, C3,or a fiesta. Can anyone recommend any others I should consider ie any of the Japanese ones not had any experience with...
  8. Dogbreath

    Wooohoo They wife's bought me a...?

    Doing a bit of gardening, minding my own business when a parcel force van turns up.. Oh dear what's she bought now..? A little box, It's in the wife's name so I take it in to her and she hands me it back. I've bought you summat... Hope you like it... I rip it open to find she has bought me a...
  9. K

    Wife driving car

    Well my wife's car got stolen about 3 weeks ago. Now she has decided we don't need another car and she is going to drive the Merc. I have already noticed 1 passenger side front alloy curbed. :wallbash: What can I do ???????
  10. Reggie-rock

    Best way to please your wife.

    At last I managed to cut the grass as it was dry enough which neatened up the garden and pleased my wife. Yesterday I cleaned the windows so now I am in my wife's really good books (at last)
  11. L

    Wife wants a "Cute" car.

    Returned home yesterday from a few weeks away and my wife's previously trusty Ford Ka proved not to be quite so trusty after all. She tends to keep her cars for a loooooooong time (unlike me), has had the Ka for 15 years and I've been trying to persuade her to get something different for some...
  12. merc85

    Volvo c70 cab for Da wife ;) lol

    To keep the mileage down on the Wifes new X-trail, and so i can get about if the weather is iffy (dont use the mb if wet) lol i bought her a Volvo c70 cab, its done 197K! but at £400 i didn't think it really mattered. Its a 2.0lpt manual and surprisingly quite good on fuel. Its also highlighted...
  13. H

    Lorry reversed into wife's car

    Hi, A Lorry started reversing down our road when it realized it was closed half way down. Despite my wife beeping horn it didn't hear or see her and reversed into her car causing crack to the bumper. The guy admitted fault and she's said to him that she would happily avoid insurance if...
  14. C

    The wife asked me to clean the dishes.....

    so had an operation today, and the wife went to work after and left me to recover at home, asked her if there was anything I could do to help out, she said I could clean some dishes... So I set to work... not sure if this is what she meant but I was happy Rears: and the fronts...
  15. C

    HELP! I think my Wife's stolen car is for sale on eBay!

    Well, perhaps parts of it are?? We had a mk7 Golf R stolen around 4 months ago. I recently happened upon a listing on eBay with the same specification of car being broken for parts. The seller's previous history shows doors from both sides of car, rear bumper and bonnet (amongst various other...
  16. grober

    Jenson Button and wife gassed in Burglary

    Jenson Button and wife were presumed gassed in an overnight Burglary in the South of France. Jenson Button burglary: Gas suspected in F1 driver break-in - BBC News It is suspected the thieves used an anaesthetic gas to render their victims unconscious during the robbery. As soon as I...
  17. RyanTheSeaOtter

    My wife and her SLK230 Electric Roof issues...or not in actual fact

    Just wanted to share the phone call I just had with the wife to the world... She collected her SLK yesterday (I sold it to her) from my garage and on leaving me it had absolutely no issues whatsoever... ...so Katherine just calls me in a stress moaning that the electric roof wouldn't go...
  18. M

    Purple S-Class for soccer star's wife

    I am sure the husband never drives this car now. From the article: The weird thing is that this pimped out S-Class belongs not to a rapper, but to the wife of a football player. The beautiful redhead that's covered in tattoos is Daisy Vorn. She is the wife of Michel Armand Vorm, a Dutch...
  19. C

    Wife's Golf R stolen last night - they left my AMG?

    We have a Golf R on 2 yr business deal, no GAP insurance. No tracker. We have had the car 6 months or so and it is insured with LV. They broke into the house whilst we were in bed last night and took the keys to my wife's Golf leaving my C63?? This seemed to surprise the traffic cop (who hadn't...
  20. Ndubber1970

    My wife is alreasy sick of me...

    Having bought my first Mercedes 6 days ago I've not stopped grinning and talking about it...so much so that both my wife and my son are sick of it. The window regulator was broken but now done, although it does the classic not knowing when up is up thing. Broken wing mirror is being replaced...
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