1. P

    W213 run flats - front inner shoulders worn though to carcass

    Car is 2016 W213 E220d. In for yet more warranty work today and called late afternoon to say they can't test drive it as tyres are too dangerous. The central block of tread has 5mm at least right across the legally required section. *I think new tyres have some 8mm tread so they haven't worn...
  2. Robdata

    Front tyres worn inside

    Even the treat overall is very good on my front tyres, they are really bad on both sites on the inside. Car is 2013 C63. Is that common or is this a trip to do camber?
  3. Petrol Pete

    Buying part worn tyres

    An article in the UK news recently about part worn tyres reminded me of my own experience of 'out of date' tyres on sale. My wife's 13 year old run around suffered a un repairable puncture recently and as the spare tyre was new I thought it might be a good idea to use the spare and match it...
  4. F

    Front tyres worn on inside.

    Is that due entirely to tracking? Or is there any other possible issues that could possibly cause this. I am actually talking on the innermost ,err, tread segment. There car steer and feels just fine. The tyres are half worn otherwise. Speed bumps I rarely ever need to use at all...
  5. T

    Windscreen - Worn

    Noticed driving into the setting sun that my windscreen is not a 'clear' as it should be. Although there are 2 or 3 small stone nicks and after giving it a really good clean inside and out it is as if has been sand blasted between the layers. Screen original 6 years old. Anyone else seen...
  6. bh13coupe

    E500 Coupe Can worn subframe Bushes cause increased road noise?

    My e500 Coupe in the last day has developed increased road noise. When the car was in for a service (in march) my indie (who I trust without question) advised that the nearside rear upper front arm bush & offside rear sub frame bush debonding and allowing some movement. It wasnt a massive issue...
  7. M

    worn black bolster leather seats, I have the Dye

    just paid £100 for black leather dye (one with paint inside) , my new mercedes was in a poor way, now fully restored in around 6 minutes just need to really clean the area with washing up liquid or something good, then apply twice reason for this new thread is I have so much left over and...
  8. MOR8A

    Pair of part worn 245/35 ZR 19 93Y XL

    I have a pair of part worn Michelin Pilot Sport 245/35 ZR 19 93Y XL around 5mm on both. PM me if interested.
  9. A

    Worn out pads

    Gets in my car this morning and gets this flashing up, only had car for three months, so trip to MB so they can replace pads FOC And looking at my disc's these look like they are on the last legs if so they can also do these FOC
  10. K

    Camber arm worn out at 31k miles?

    I drive a 2012 C180 AMG Sport. I got told by Mercedes that my right lower "camber arm" is worn out and needs replacing. The whole suspension needs to be recalibrated. Is it expected to have to replace part of a suspension this early in the car's life? I never had to replace these on any of...
  11. C

    worn rear tyre

    I have a e320 cdi w211 and 3 month ago fitted 4 new tyres to the car. While putting it the car baby seat I happened to look down and notice the n/s/r tyre down the the canvass on the outer edge of the tyre. Rest of the tyre is like new. All the other tyres are wearing normal. I'm unsure the...
  12. dog

    worn seat

    Hi,I got a worn driving seat on my r129 anyone know a good leather repairer,or is it worth looking for a second hand driving seat.its not to bad but it can only get worse.
  13. DazNich

    Front Tyres Worn at 5,000 miles (14 plate C63)

    Hi, I purchased my C63 from GC Motors in December and it had just over 4k on the clock, it's a 14 plate first registered end of June 2014 so only 9 months old. Since buying I noticed quite a lot of noise / drone from the front end but never thought too much about it, the first Merc I've...
  14. guydewdney

    11 months old genuine discs and pads worn out?

    Cant believe my genuine discs and pads have lasted 11 months and 9000 miles. No errors on sbc module. do I have any form of recourse? fitted by non mb specialist indy (but is a personal enthusiast with a 215 cl500) no, i dont drive like a tw@t. But a lot of B roads.
  15. B

    Part worn budget tyres!!

    Hi. First post. Recently purchased a used clk 220 cdi. Had haida? front and triangle? rear tyres fitted when I bought it. Shocked at how hard it was to stop and stay in a straight line in sudden snow/ice at low speed. If you love your family then make sure your tyres are up to the job. Shame its...
  16. Jeff666

    Play Worn

    I love the spares or repair bit... CORGI TOYS MERCEDES BENZ 300SL, 304S, c1961 | eBay
  17. ss201

    Set of Continental 18" part worn winter tyres

    An old friend will be moving to the USA on November 16 to take up an 18 month consultancy role. He has removed four tyres from his 2011 E350 cabrio before it goes back to the leasing company and the tyres are available for sale. Here is the description he sent me. The tyres are Continental...
  18. T

    Wiring : Replacing worn connector plugs on W208

    Hi. The plastic connector plugs (connecting the wiring to plug into the sensors) on my 2001 W208 CLK 230K M111 Engine, are slowly disintegrating and coming loose from the sensors (particularly the MAF, throttle body and camshaft position sensor) I believe this is the reason I get fault codes...
  19. 7

    Strangely worn steering wheel

    Hi, Following on from my post 'new member in Suffolk' in general discussion. I am due to collect a 2007 A180 CDi Elegance SE auto next Tuesday. It's from MB and has had two lady owners and 43k since new. The only thing is that the leather on the left and right of the steering wheel is quite...
  20. PenelopePitstop

    R170, R171 - 4 Original Mercedes 17" alloy wheels fitted with part worn winter tyres

    Hi, I bought this set of wheels from Ebay UK about two weeks ago. Unfortunately I didn't check that bolt size is different for SLK R172 and they won't fit. Here's the description from Ebay auction, from previous owner: "4 Original Mercedes alloy wheels fitted with part worn winter...
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