1. E

    What's It Worth - E320 diesel?

    Boris the Bounce's Peugeot has persuaded me of the virtues of modern diesels - plenty of torque in just the right place in the rev range for how I drive - and another E55K estate is no longer the Holy Grail it was; maybe I'm growing up at last... (and anyway, the chances of a (another) Tanzanite...
  2. bob6600

    Car worth less than £1k? Sell for FREE on AT

    Might help some members looking to sell Competition for Gumtree etc probably forced their hand Watch a spate of £999 listed cars with £1999 in the description lol Sell My Car | Value Your Car and Sell Quickly Online Auto Trader UK 2 week advert, limited to 3 photos How much is it...
  3. AngryDog

    Kleemann manifolds worth it?

    My car currently has an 84mm pulley and EC tune on it. I am wondering if Kleemann headers are worth the £1500 + to buy and fit, plus new tune, when I could get a 77mm pulley and new tune for around 600bhp? Combined the car would make around what, 630bhp at the flywheel (guestimate)? Cheers.
  4. P

    How much is my C63 worth

    Regretably selling my C63. 13 plate black with PPP no slippy diff, sunroof, reverse camera, 18 inch wheels. Full MB service history, just had MOT and just renewed 1 years extended MB warranty, excellent condition with only 17500 miles last serviced feb 17. going for dare I say M5 competition...
  5. AngryDog

    LSD for E55 - worth it?

    Is it worth getting an LSD for my E55? My M5 has an LSD and less power, but I havent really had chance to open the taps on the E55 much yet. Cheers.
  6. OCD BAL

    Protech Ultima Professional Paint Sealant - Is it worth it?

    Hi Everyone, I've ordered my new GLC43 AMG and am wondering whether or not to go for the paint sealant offered by the dealer at an additional cost of £895. They call it Protech Ultima Polysilazine Has anyone had this ceramic coating applied to their car and if so do you think it's worth it? The...
  7. M

    Worth rescuing?

    mercedes c43 amg estate Had a quick chat with the vendor via Ebay, sounds genuine enough... Not sure what sort of reserve he's put on it and it's definitely going to need some work, but that's quite a rarity.
  8. D

    What are my wheels worth??

    Looking at selling my 2012 C63 18" Wheels, all in good condition etc etc. What are peoples thoughts? Wont let me upload photos:mad:
  9. C

    Is it worth paying more for premium diesel/petrol?

    I wonder what people's thoughts are on this topic? I have a brand new mb and want to know based on people's experiences and also the science aspect of the argument for and against using premium fuels. Really appreciate any advice on this. Thanks in advance. Sent from my iPhone using...
  10. W

    C63 AMG 19"s ( what's it worth )

    Hello ( apology if in the wrong section ) Looking at selling my C63 AMG 19" Upraded wheels in Anthracite Grey. Immaculate, un Kurbed and covered only 18,000 miles with Continental tyres all 3.6mm to 4mm. What is a good price to sell to a fellow member or on eBay. Thanks
  11. J

    Is the Dynamic plus package worth it?

    Hi Guys, I am close to putting an order in for a CLA45 Shooting Brake and one option I am unsure of is the Dynamic Plus package. I am going for the ride control sports suspension anyway so this would mean about an extra £1400 for the diff lock and performance steering wheel. I am not...
  12. garycat

    EGR Delete - worth it or not?

    I have the option of having an EGR Delete at the same time as a remap. Is the benefit worth it or should I keep the non-remapped bit as standard as possible? I've heard that the EGR is occasionally is useful in that the engine requires less than the 20% oxygen in the air, under certain...
  13. J

    W210 E55 Facelift - is it worth it

    Greetings fellow MB aficionados. I have a 2001 facelift W210 E55 in Obsidian black which I've owned for the past 5 years and looked after well - regular oil and filter changes on engine and gearbox, spark plug changes every 3 years and kept her nice and clean in and out. It's a wonderful car...
  14. S

    Command 2012 update - is it worth it?

    Dealer wants I hrs labour to update command and DAB - £160 Will I notice any difference? Not sure if that includes maps.
  15. D

    Live traffic in command online - Is it worth it?

    Hello everyone, I have recently purchased a C63 2014 , i have just had an email from the dealer regarding my subscription for live traffic information is coming to an end. It is worth having this ? Does it work, everyone seems to use Waze now. Package is £39 for one year, or 89 for 3.
  16. Allan AMG

    How much are these 19" AMG C63 wheels worth?

    Guys, anyone have any experience of selling these or have a rough ball park figure? This is not a for sale thread, please don't spam it. I will included all the details here so I can basically cut and paste into a for sale thread soon. The wheels are all gloss black, standard 19"...
  17. S

    Is it worth changing air filters early?

    I have usually changed the air filter annually, around every 20k, on my previous cars as they were easy and relatively cheap. The schedule for my OM642 is 4 years or approx every 46k, and was last done during the service before last. The mileage currently is 78k, with the next service due @...
  18. V

    W212 Bosch Front Brake Discs (Pair) BD1301 0986479407 Worth £150!

    Originally bought for a Mercedes E220 W212 estate but since sold the vehicle so these are surplus to requirement. Never fitted and brand spanking new. They are quite heavy hence the postage cost. They'll set you back about £150 if bought from a motor factors, but willing to sell for £70 and...
  19. D

    Harmon Kardon , worth it?

    Good Morning , i have been a lurker for the last few months, i have now sold my 135i and i'm on the hunt for a c63 coupe. It is worth waiting for an example with the Harmon Kardon upgrade , is it much much better than the standard system?
  20. C

    W210 E320cdi, worth restoring?

    Well I've been thinking about the above question for a while now. I love my car, but as it gets older, its wanting more and more TLC. I travel 150 miles per day back and forth to work from Cheltenham to Reading and the mileage racks up fast. I spent £1900 on the car and probably around £1500 so...
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