1. D

    worthwhile w124 e320 sportsline project at descent price

  2. Jukie

    Worthwhile options or...

    ...just more things to go wrong? A family member is looking at a high spec '56 E320 CDi Sport, 56k, full dealer history, Father and son the only owners. £10k. Added options are: Heated & vented front seats Heated rear seats HK sound Panoramic glass sunroof Tyre pressure monitor...
  3. nigel cross

    MB warranty worthwhile

    Just had a quote for my 2009 ML tier 1 warranty renewal, £814.00 Is it worthwhile? Or is it just another expense so I can sleep in my bed without ?
  4. D

    What price differential makes indie worthwhile.

    As the title really. My thoughts brought about by a BMW dealer about 20 miles from us who so fat have come within £15 of an Indie (one for a service, one for a thermostat), including a courtesy car. Each time the difference is so small it seem's daft to lose the full main dealer history...
  5. ming

    At 58 how many worthwhile years left

    I think may be 10 After that decline and fall I'm 58 and saw my mother suffer misery in a " care" home for years
  6. 10EDD

    Harman Kardon - worthwhile upgrade?

    I'm curious as to others opinions regarding the Harman Kardon stereo upgrade and if people feel it represents a significant improvement in sound quality. Having recently taken delivery of the first Mercedes I've thought I'd tick this option box on I am left distictly underwhelmed and struggle...
  7. C

    are locking wheel nuts worthwhile?

    I had a calamity - I used a windy spanner to tighten the wheel nuts a while ago & must have had it on 'daft' setting. I sheared the McGard key trying to remove them yesterday. The AMG alloys have really deep holes so I had a browse on here and picked up some ideas. I ended up with a...
  8. T

    350CDi W212, is break in oil change worthwhile?

    So would you recommend it? Would be a DIY for me costing no more than cost of oil and filter. Is there a good rationale for changing oil after say 2k
  9. Baron_Samedi

    Strut Brace - Worthwhile or Not?

    Hi, I was wondering, like you do.... Would a Mercedes... say a W209. benefit from the addition of such a component? Ta
  10. Baron_Samedi

    Wheel Refurb - Worthwhile Fix?

    Hi All, The more I wash and worship my new object of affection, the more I hate the fact that the previous owner loved kerbs more than the road. As a result, I am becoming more and more convinced that refurbing or replacing the wheels on my car is a necessity. Has anyone had wheels...
  11. Spinal

    Finally, a worthwhile Open Source Project!

    I'll let the link speak for itself... They have my full support! (Even though this post wouldn't get past the filter ;)) Demo here: http://stupidfilter.org/demo.php M.
  12. NW_Merc

    Worthwhile project?

  13. C

    Super unleaded worthwhile in c200k?

    Would i be wasting money by running on super?
  14. NW_Merc

    Worthwhile project?

  15. Godot

    First worthwhile Chain Letter!

    THE FIRST WORTHWHILE CHAIN LETTER - READ TO END. This chain letter was developed by virile men in order to make their sexlife even more fantastic. As opposed to normal chain letters, this one costs nothing, and you can only win. Simply send this e-mail to 9 of your best friends...
  16. PaulE230

    A worthwhile upgrade ?

  17. BTB 500

    R129 - hard top hoist ... worthwhile?

    I now have a garage with a pitched roof, which would allow me to fit a hard top hoist. Anybody used one of these, are they a good idea??
  18. A

    Is the cost of a Comand Unit worthwhile?

    Hi I am looking at the cost of a comand unit and wonder if the cost justifys pretty much a Sat Nav. After all I already have a radio & CD player. Any views to convince me or otherwise. Andyt
  19. jimmy

    Is SAT NAV worthwhile?

    I have been thinking of upgrading to a SAT NAV unit and was wondering how useful are they in real life? I would imagine they save time and money and stress but do they really? I dont need or really want multimedia so a single DIN unit would be fine. Can anybody recommend a unit? What...
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