1. neilz

    The MPG thread

    May be useful to give some idea to people about what MPGs what cars achieve, and what style of driving brought it about I'll start: 1997 W140 S320L - 13mpg currently, mainly urban but a couple of trips on a motorway a week
  2. M

    A Hardore Paint Correction Session-Audi R8-Lots of product tips and methods.

    Hi Guys There has been quite a bit of bad press in the detailing section, so I hope no one sees me putting this detail up as bad taste. As I have stated before I only put my details up for the passion I have for my job as well as be as informal as possible about what I have done. This way...
  3. englishdas

    Another Re-map post (yawn)... RemapScience?

    Anyone heard of them, or better still used them? They're within spitting distance of me, and their prices seem very reasonable. I don't expect 40bhp more out of my W210 E320, but if the MPG is improved by 10%, The remap will have paid for itself in... 2months!!!
  4. Ade B

    Another camera thread

    Not a which camera question but.. I've just dug out my old 35mm slr (Pentax Z10) purchased whilst a student in 1991 or thereabouts.. It's been in it's case without a battery since about 2002.. There's a roll of film in it which I want to get developed so.. a. Do any of you Camera Experts know...
  5. The Boss

    one of my w124 photo shoots

    some pics from a recent photo shoot (pics 1,2,3 of 9)
  6. Satch

    Another scam (yawn)

    This morning many people here had the pleasure of this scammer email, which must rank amongst the most pathetic we have seen for a long time, being yet another rehash of the old, old next of kin scam: Dear Friend I am Mr. C. Smith. I am accounting officer at foriegn accounts department...
  7. R

    Yawn Insurance time again

    C200 auto mods declared, grill, wheels, chip, filters..... Want comprehensive, protected no claims, legal cover. Renewal figure from Elephant £495 Others NU, churchill and about a dozen others wont quote because of the mods! Admiral £543 Privilege £457 went back to Elephant for a...
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