1. Palmball

    W204 owners...fed up with your yellow eyebrows??

    Well I was!!! The eyebrow lights on my C63 looked yellow compared to the xenon headlights (despite the factory-fitted bulb being blue-coated) so I tried a variety of sidelight bulbs from LED's (with built in resistors to stop any error's) to a couple of different types of blue-tinted W5W bulbs...
  2. timmy

    1993 C180(w202) £150

    1993 Mercedes 180 Esprit. Taxed and MOT until June 2010. £150 SPARES or REPAIR. The car is in good condition, but has a fault with the fuel pump or fuel filter. The car was one of the first in the country and was used as a demonstrator, hence the colour, light yellow. It does have a lot...
  3. C240Sport97

    Yellow SL (Dallas model) at auction

    Barons Auctioneers
  4. jaymanek

    The Yellow W123 - Unexpected Restoration!

    Driving along one day my accelerator pedal went through the floor. Ok so a little bit of rust has set in i thought. Stripped it back to find a hole around 6 inches large. Then stripped rubber gunk stuff applied at factory to find the inner arch mostly rotten... Then found the inner...
  5. Druk

    Yellow Ferrari anyone?

  6. J

    Yellow engine light

    Posted thread earlier about my CLK making a "breath" sound , Which would have been better described as a whoosing sound , After getting a reply to the thread and taking it to a garage I am 99% that it is a split in a hose , Although the guy in the garage couldn't find anything (visual...
  7. C

    Yellow lights

    Over the years the head light glasses seems to have turned yellow, anything that can be done about this?
  8. robert.saunders

    Highways Agency says goodbye to 'yellow army' with new fleet of 438 winter vehicles

    In response to this thread, this may be of interest. Drivers will see a new style of winter treatment on England's motorways and major A roads from this Autumn, as the Highways Agency replaces its yellow 'gritters' and invests £45 million in a new fleet to tackle snow and ice. Pre-wet salt...
  9. M

    Was the facelifted 170 series SLK and the SLK 320 made in yellow and AMG Styling?

    I think the SLK looks absolutely stunning in yellow with AMG Styling and am now driving a 98 230K Auto which I love. As I haven't seen the facelifted version (made from about 2000) of the old shape SLK or a 320 in yellow (or with AMG Styling) I was wondering if they were ever made in this colour...
  10. robert.saunders

    Red faces over yellow line fiasco Unbelievable! :rolleyes: :mad:
  11. L

    Yellow headlights/fog lights - Legality?

    Hey all Most people go HID's.. but I prefer ol'skool!! Whats the law when it comes to yellow headlights or fog lights? Are they road legal in the UK? Cheers Lee
  12. R

    *** Phoenix Yellow BMW M3 e46 Convertible ***

    BMW e46 M3 Convertible Tax MOT Phoenix Yellow Laguna Seca Blue Leather - RARE Late 2001 65,000 Miles - Full BMW Service History Cherished Registration: J19 SVW HardTop Manual Sports Mode Traction Control - ESP Xenon Projector Headlamps Fog Lamps Electric Memory Seats Cruise...
  13. A

    Yellow check Engine Light

    Hi all Was driving home last night a yellow check engine light came up on the dashboard - (the light looks like an engine). Car is fine. Still very responsive. Light still on today. Any ideas? Cheers Asad - C32 AMG 2002.
  14. DSLiverpool

    Becker Grand Prix 7990 Yellow

    I have decided the nasty Pioneer will give way to a more Germanic becker which I have found for £254 in Sextons unless anyone has one they want shut of ? Also a good site for trim screw covers would be nice as I am suffering a deficit of screw covers on my screw heads !! TIA
  15. sparkyspost

    Car on a single yellow line with no signage taken away by Brent Council

    My car was parked on a residential street in Dollis hill in Brent, as it has been on and off over the last year. Towards the end of last year Nov/Dec the council added temporary single yellow lines to the street as they extended a nearby residential parking zone, with a notice that these were...
  16. aka$h

    1997 SL60 Yellow Im 99% sure Nav looked into this car when he was buying his SL600, if its the same car its had a colour change.
  17. Spinal

    Single Yellow Line Parking

    So, today I drove to Camden town... question; can I park on a single yellow line on Sundays? The reason I ask is I got a parking ticket for: "parked in a restricted street during prescribed hours" There was a pay&display bay 10/20meters down the road from my car, but I was parked on a...
  18. Satch

    Yellow line urban myths

    Most people have heard stories about cars being parked up and when the owner returns there is, amazingly, a freshly painted double yellow line under the car plus of course a parking ticket. Arf, arf. But......... :eek:
  19. steveatpipex

    Regulations on yellow lines and accuracy of Penalty Notice Charges

    Hi all, wondering if anybody can provide any advice on the following: Our city has decriminalised parking. On Saturday gone my son has parked on a single yellow line, believing incorrectly that weekends were exempt. Fair enough, but on looking at the PCN the warden has got the location wrong -...
  20. R

    New Disaster From Yellow Peril Man

    I wish this guy would learn to spell, its really annoying reading his crappy adds...He's still trying to sell the yellow thing that was spotted earlier in ebay...
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