1. nickid

    new toy to go with the yellow one

    Just picked up a c180 auto coupe with 42000 miles cheap and wife like its better do I am getting the c230k. happy days.
  2. nickid

    Two shades of yellow

    Hi all, Well when I bought the car I was told the cars bonnet was a bit faded and when I looked at it a didn't think there was much of a difference until I got home and thought I would just get the bonnet resprayed. Well that was the plan until I was out at the other car and looked across at the...
  3. N

    what's The right way to remove yellow haze from headlights

    Has anyone found a way to clean foggy headlights back to the nice clear state they should be in, besides buying new ones?? Would be a real big help,
  4. DCStubbs

    Yellow warning triangle on dash

    The yellow warning triangle lit up/flickered a couple of times when turning to the left (fairly sharply) didn't see anything else and after it happened a couple of times it didn't do it again. Any ideas, should I be worried? Thanks.
  5. M

    Dulux brilliant White gloss turning yellow...

    Some of you may have seen the recent Watchdog programme on the problems Dulux had with their brilliant white gloss paint turning yellow within months of being used. It was all down to the interfering EU poking their noses in again and imposing new regulations to reduce solvent content in paint...
  6. d w124

    Yellow SL60

    I think it looks cool VERY RARE MERCEDES SL60 AMG AUTO YELLOW ONLY 33 EVER MADE | eBay would have been better with black interior though
  7. D

    Becker Indianapolis 7950 (Yellow display)

    Becker Indaianpolis 7950 with yellow display so a perfect match for your MB....:) Quick google reveals the spec to have: blutooth hands free communication, IPOD Connectivity, MP3 player, GPS navigation with speed limits..... Great unit, unused apparently... makng it a rare find as all...
  8. S

    SRS light - Yellow CRP connector under seat

    Does anyone know how to remove the yellow connector under the seat? Just want to check the wiring but can't seem to get it out.
  9. mercedescl500

    another special order w220 in yellow

    First time I've seen one of these, definitely different :D Designo Yellow w220 on PistonHeads
  10. Tan

    iPhone 4 yellow patch on screen

    Hi A colleague has an iPhone 4 and it has a yellow patch on the screen, I have read various threads about this on other forums and I can't seam to find out if this is a problem that will get worse with time or just stay the same. The phone is over a year old and so the glue evaporating...

    Yellow F50!

    Parked outside office today. What a beauty!
  12. dunegold

    Yellow triangle?

    Hi Can anyone help please? When i turn on my merc a170 a yellow triangle appears for a couple of seconds and it says LIM (i think) what does this mean? Thankyou
  13. GlenQ

    Opinions: Harly Yellow Carnauba Wax

    Any opinions on this type and make of wax?
  14. smillion

    Maserati with ne wheels & yellow calipers !!!!

    Maserati with new wheels & yellow calipers !!!! Seems like an age, 4 weeks away at D ick Lovetts at Swindon. Here is what they did: Rear brake discs Rear brake pads Handbrake shoes and carrier New rear right hand hub assembly New antirollbar bushes New brake fluid Rear wheel bearing assembly...
  15. L

    w202 yellow koni help!

    Does anyone know how to adjust yellow koni on mb w202? they was on the car when i bought it but i need to adjust them so they get harder..
  16. d w124

    Yellow 129

    I like that :cool: pano roof to We have a member here Stevieb15 that has a yellow one
  17. tpwuk

    The Yellow Triangle......

    .....made a lot of appearences this morning on my way to work! Very scary! :eek:
  18. zenman63

    WTB Becker grand prix Yellow

    As above looking for a mint Grand prix in yellow.
  19. R

    2000 model ML270 yellow triangle light & oil hi message

    I have just bought a 2000 model ML270 and on maiden drive oil HI message appeared after few miles and also yellow triangle flashes on centre of dash a few times then goes off. I dont as yet have the owners manual/handbook so dont know what this means. also when going up a fairly steep hill...
  20. airportstar

    Main beam light turns yellow?

    My car is a 2003 E320cdi avangarde. When I turn on my main beam the drivers side lights turn from a white light to a yellow light after 20-30 seconds. While the passenger side stays white as it should do. What do I need to change/fix? :dk:
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