17" wheels on a CLS

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17s would be aesthetically too small with too much rubber I think.
Not necessarily. As above, mine are staggered 255/40 and 285/35 from factory.
On 19" or 18"? In your profile they look like the 19" style wheels?
17s would be aesthetically too small with too much rubber I think

Yeah that's what I'm worried about although I've no idea why as I've never worried about the looks of wheels in my life, and I feel like starting to is a slippery slope I'm not sure I want to slide down!

Anyway availability seems to be the main problem. There are loads of 17s on eBay but they either don't specify the wheel dimensions or the offsets and widths are not what the book specifies.
It's a theme amongst MB and BMW owners. "I bought my yadayada with sports suspension and large wheels and I can't understand why the ride is so hard and uncomfortable."

Switch to 18's: they won't put off future buyers.

17's will give an even better ride but might influence your resale value.

Should you sell your 19's ? They'll be worth more now than they will be in a few years time.

(And, as an aside, keep an eye on tyre age and wear. Eight year old tyres on 4mm won't be as compliant as new tyres on 8mm)
Do we have a recommendation for the plushest or quietest tyres in the 18/19 sizes?
Just check the noise ratings for individual tyres on a few of the big tyre chains' web pages. I was looking at a Rotalla tyre in 245/40/18 a year ago that was rated at I think 68 db, which is very quiet.
Another 👍 for Continental Cars

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