2009 - W211 E220 Cdi - Rough Cold Start & Idle

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Thanks DSM, So frustrated at the moment.....thought I'd attempt the mounts today and start on driver side but can't actually see a way of getting old mount out and the the new mount in without removing the DPF/turbo etc and I'm really low on time and confidence in myself at the moment. Passenger and trans mount are perfectly accessible but drivers side looks an absolute pig 😭
There will be a way, perhaps raising the engine slightly once the mounts are disconnected. I’ve managed to do a few in the past, just take your time and you’ll beat it!

Thanks Colin, was that the E220 OM646 engine that you've had success with? I did wonder about lifting the engine but it all just looked so bloody packed in. I have a day off work tomorrow with no 5yr old to constantly harass me so may have another bash.
Last one I did was an R170 SLK - you won’t get a tighter space!
I felt I should come back and finish the story off on this. Car went to 2 indies and nothing conclusive found mainly because it never misbehaved while it was with them which was highly frustrating. The time came around for it's yearly oil service so I thought I would throw another fuel filter (Delphi this time) at it and some more hose clamps, in fact I double clamped each line going into the fuel filter, a clamp either side of the steel pipe bulges on filter. Problem gone.....FML

So either it was a bad fuel filter (7 month old Bosch) or there was tiny amounts of air being drawn into the fuel system from a badly sealed fuel pipe. Needless to say the car runs great now that I have changed most of the frigging fuel system 😳🤣

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