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Feb 6, 2003
Bishop's Stortford
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Hi all,
After talking with an owner up in Cumbria who was very pleased with his conversion, I decided to get mine chipped (A170CDI 1999). I went for the “SuperChip” because there was a dealer locally. Well….. what a difference :D . It now pulls strong from 1100 revs. The engine seems to be crisp / sharp, cruise effortless (lot easier), and run a lot smoother. Over taking is a dream, just press the loud pedal in any gear! It really makes this car a fun drive.
Some figures:
100 lbft of torque at 1100rpm.
Max torque (193 lbft) at 2200rpm
Max power (110 BHP) at 3800rpm.
That’s 20Bhp and 38lbft of torque more, all from a 1.7 turbo diesel, with a simple chip change.

They also told me that the chip used is the same in all the Merc CDI units, and can be transferred to another CDI car and re-programmed for a small cost.

I am now going to get the SL320 (petrol) chipped :rolleyes: , not a massive increase in power or torque (not as good as the turbo diesels), but if it’s makes the motor a lot sharper I’ll be pleased.
I will keep you all posted.


Jan 8, 2003
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Mine was the first A170 that superchips did, so you should have pretty much the same power/torque curve as this:


Went to their headquarters for the day. Took them a good few hours to map it. The first version had about 20lb/ft more but smoked like mad. Was good fun though ! It's done 50,000 miles on the chip with no problems at all.

Enjoy !!


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