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    Happy new year to all.

    I am going to check out a 2005 CL500 next week with 80k miles, about the active suspension.

    how does one check this out to ensure it does as its meant to do and has no defective components? At 80k miles would I be right to assume that these components will have had maintenance work carried out upon?

    This is the car, has a Full MBSH according to seller, A 3 month warranty is offered by the seller also.

    Mercedes-Benz CL 5.0 CL500 2dr
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    Take a torch with you, look for any misting of oil around the struts. Look around the ABC pump itself for any signs of leaks. Run the car and raise it and lower it at least 10 times while stationary. When you test drive it, if it feels like the back end skips over any pot holes one of the rear struts could be on its way out (it could be other things but I've had the same issue twice with that as the cause).

    Could have had maintenance, depends if the previous owners were lucky or not. If you are not happy to DIY work on the car, you want at least 2k at the ready to spend on it at any given time just in case. As I said on your last thread, do a lot of research... There is a lot of info on the ABC system on the American forums.

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