Audio woes

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Nov 16, 2020
2003 E55 sedan
Hello all, I’ve got a w211 E55 2003 with audio probs, the cd multi changer has stopped working but has power, as when I remove fuse six then replace it goes through some sort of start up sequence. The control panel no longer rises,together with steering wheel controls. The radio works, and the single cd plays on the head unit. I’ve purchased a used cd player/control panel and have swapped cd changer and door motor, but no change. Just wondered if anyone can shed some light on this problem, as although the used part was very reasonable, I don’t want to start the whole parts darts game. I did check both units for stuck cd’s but they are both empty. I do remember messing about wI th the telephone cradle, so may have disturbed some wires. I’ve purchased a couple of fibre optic loops to try and isolate some other modules, but a bit wary of turning other modules off invcase I cause other problems (srs/teleaid) don’t really use the multi changer, but I’m thinking of selling either this year or next year, so would ideally want everything working. Thanks for any advice.

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