Back to black for external trim

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Jan 9, 2016
Mercedes C220 AMG Sport Plus
Looking for a black trim cleaner on external trim bits like plastic and rubber.

What do people use?
I've always used 303 Aerospace for plastic trims.

Dries to a matt finish and doesn't stain paintwork or leave white marks.

Other suppliers are available, I just linked to one on my bookmarks. :)

I use these and can't fault, not the most expensive you can bye but do just as good a job :thumb:

Thanks. CarPlan Black Trim Wax sounds good. Eurocarparts sell it too so easily picked up on the way home.

Cheap too at just over £3 a bottle with their 25% discount.
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Works a treat but a bit messy to aply, but gives a great result just take care not to get any on the paint work, otherwise takes a bit of elbow grease to polish it back off
Cheap and does a great jobbie on black rubber and plastics, the other one I use for tyre dressing

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