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Feb 25, 2010
For Sale - Price £800.00

This kit was fitted to my Mercedes CLK55 AMG W208. This kit will probably fit other Mercedes models but I can't confirm which models. This kit offers immense braking power and is a huge upgrade over the standard brakes.

The kit consists of Wilwood 6pot callipers & pads with 350mm discs and braided lines and mounting brackets.

The callipers are Wilwood W6A's, The W6A forged six piston calliper delivers heavy duty stopping power for the road or track. The calliper incorporates race technology into a body design with widespread adaptability. Radial mounting, two options for piston volume, and a redesigned rotor diameter range from 12.19" to 15.00" give this calliper the versatility necessary to suit all types of heavy weight braking requirements. The W6A generates big brake clamping force with six differential bore stainless steel pistons. Stainless steel is used for its high resistance to corrosion and low thermal conductivity that reduces the heat transfer from the pads. The differential bore pattern balances pad loading against mechanical influences and changes in temperature over the length of the pad to help maintain even pad wear. High temperature bore seals provide long service life in hard braking environments and maintain their resilience to provide positive piston retraction on release. Two options for overall piston volume make it simple to match the callipers with master cylinder output and rear calliper size for correct bias proportioning.
Wilwood High-Performance Disc Brakes - W6A Calipers

The 350mm grooved discs are Mercedes ML items and have only covers approx. 2-3k miles and have almost no wear and no lip. They are much easier to use than costly two piece discs as they are cheaper to replace and more readily available.
The pads are Wilwood BP-10 fast road pads and have plenty of life left in them. Replacements are readily available and there are several compounds to choose from depending on application.
Wilwood High Performance Disc Brakes - Brake Pads for Brake Pads - Pad Plate: 6617XX

Also included in the kit are braided lines to fit a Mercedes CLK W208 and the aluminium radial mounting brackets which have been modified slightly for fitment onto a Mercedes CLK W208 and the mounting bolts.
The callipers alone are £450 to buy.

This kit is heavy and collection is preferred but the buy can arrange courier collection if they wish.


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Id love some better brakes, but not this sort of money - 208 should also fit 202 - what about the C43 amg crowd?
These brake not only look awesome they also have incredible stopping power. They will fit most Mercedes including CLK's and other models with little or no modification.
Thanks for the offer but no thanks I said sensible offers as the callipers alone cost £450 each!
Hi There,

Is this for one or two pairs - front & rear?

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One kit for the front as pictured
No worries , I'm sorry you didn't feel my offer was sensible

Good luck with the sale
What brake discs yoi can fit with these callipers?

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