1. Abdul

    Facelift W211 aftermarket grill (big star)

    Hi guys, This came on my car and i've reverted to the stock item. £50 collected from ilford, essex. If you want it posted pm me and i'll get a price! W211 grill by Abdul Chowdhury, on Flickr W211 grill by Abdul Chowdhury, on Flickr As fitted to my car, fitment was very good and all tabs...
  2. whitenemesis

    Happy Birthday BIG UN

    Many happy returns! Have great day :thumb:
  3. M

    How big is too big?

    Hey Guys and gals. I'm hoping that i could get a little insight into what size wheels i can get away with on my 97 C180. At the moment i have 15" AMGs with 205/60/15s. Thanks in advance.
  4. MikeInWimbledon

    Big Formula One event in Central London Weds 12th July

    Big hootenany going on in the West End on Wednesday evening. Worth a look:
  5. Teshie

    Big Fish Tuning Stokesley

    I pick my car up on Sunday (C63 w204) and I'm keen to release a few more horses as soon as I can I've heard good reports about MSL in Birmingham, but due to time restrictions, and I've been looking at getting a remap closer to home (Durham) Big Fish tuning in Stokesley seem to have a good...
  6. brucemillar

    A big thank you to Red C220

    Folks I would like to say a big thank you to Red C220 (Alan) and his beautiful good lady. Some of you will have read on another post ('what gifts you get with a new car') Alan received a lovely Mercedes Picnic Hamper - from his dealership. I cheekily suggested that Alan may wish to...
  7. C

    Mercedes CL500 Widebody Pickup Truck Big Power Build Thread!

    Hi Everyone, I'm currently in the process of building a CL500 into a widebody pickup truck with a lot of power :thumb: Here is the original thread that I started But this...
  8. T

    Defacing / Restyling my W202 - big blingy w208 star grill

    Defacing / Restyling my W202 - big blingy w209 star grill Morning all, Apologies for opening the can and getting worms.... ....everywhere. I want to either do a w209 frameless grill conversion (with biiiig star) or Avantgarde/S600 grille on my W202. The stock grill has covered many miles...
  9. John N

    Now I'm a BIG BOY!

    Just noticed that I have over 30 Posts, so I am raised in rank to a Big Boy/Grown Up! :D
  10. H

    W202 M111 big oil leak!

    C180 1997 A pool of engine oil on the undertray after a long drive! I know the front right corner of the HG is seeping a tiny amount of oil (it has for years) but can a head gasket really leak this amount without any other ill effects? It drives fine with no HGF signs. It's hard to...
  11. D

    Big End Bearing Replacement SLK 320

    I'm considering replacing the big end and main bearings on my SLK320. I'm well aware that it would be better to do a full engine out bottom end rebuild with reground crank, new oil pump etc but I'm on a budget and the rest of the car isn't that special to warrant the cost, it also has 135k...
  12. markjay

    (Yet another) Big Thank You to Terry at Wayne Gates

    Asked Terry to give my new (to me) W204 a Health Check. Conclusion? She's a keeper :thumb: Thank you Terry!
  13. F

    A great big thanks to MSL

    Got my CLS63 (W219/M156) in at MSL for a bit of light work, words cannot describe this company
  14. Chillbrazl

    MB 30 Year Anti Corrosion Warranty - A BIG ONE

    Hi Whilst I have have several MB's in the past I have been more of a Land Rover person in particular I left MB after a huge problem with an MB Dealer finally resolved after many months of correspondence by an excellent an honest Customer Service Director (no longer in that position now) however...
  15. Mrhanky

    W211 Front grille big star Black inserts

    W211 pre facelift Front Grille (After Market) large star, 3 fin with black inserts. Grille is in good condition with some age related marks that should mostly polish out. Price is £80 including postage
  16. addbuyer

    Amazon... Big problem exposed

    So this year, as a thank you to some good customers, I decide to give them Amazon gift cards in a presentation pack instead of John Lewis vouchers or hampers. My daughter who works for me placed an order for a number of cards with a £100 nomination on, lets just say its a considerable sum. The...
  17. Jim55

    Down at big fish

    A few pics its still getting done ,182 bhp standard ( c220 cdi )il post more pics later but its a good set up here
  18. ChrisCLS55

    Looking at an E320 CDI Estate with big miles - what to look out for?

    My mate is looking at this Mercedes-Benz E320 CDI Estate Avantgarde (S211) 2003 Automatic in Tealite Blue | eBay and so I thought I'd gauge the opinions of members on here. It's a lovely looking car and seems to have a big history but the mileage is high and my mate doesn't want to be left with...
  19. E

    Big Estate - what to buy now?

    Time to be sensible? Not exactly a ‘Road to Damascus’ moment – it was the road to Abingdon, and I’m not Saint Paul – but I think it may be time to move on down from the E55K. The faster I go, the faster (and more often) I want to go, and I think it might be wise to grow up a little and get...
  20. Crazyfool

    3rd ones a big one!

    Well it might well be the forth or even the fifth time the wife has hit a kerb, but this one is definitely a biggy!
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