1. P

    Where can I get a OM605 EGR Delete Kit?

    I cant find a EGR delete kit anywhere. Anyone know where I can get one? Thanks
  2. G

    telephone pre-wire UHI kit - cradle and a phone

    I have a complete setup for your UHI - a perfect condition, in original MB box (bought new just over two years ago) phone cradle - B67875846, and a Nokia 6230i (bought reconditioned, unlocked, with a brand new keypad, at the same time). If your phone console looks like this, then the kit will...
  3. B

    M157 bi-turbo upd cold air induction kit

    Hi all, Just got rid of my E63 so removed my UPD cold air induction kit and filters and went back to stock. Comes with all screws and bolts - Basically a nearly new complete item. More details can be found on MBWORLD and directly on UPD's website...
  4. AkisGr

    EGR and DPF removal kit for OM642 (CLS 320 cdi)

    Its a little bit complex the issue i got. I want to remove the EGR and DPF of my car CLS 320 Cdi (2006 UK model) but i'm not in the UK anymore. I live in Greece and i cant find somebody here that has knowledge on the diesel CLS. Does anybody know any UK company that has a kit for that that...

    W220 shock conversion kit

    All four shock absorbers for W220 airmatic to convert to coil springs. With little adjustments I got them fit on w215 + module to delete red warning light in the dash 600£ ONO 07948729766
  6. M

    M113k 5 piece pulley kit + belt wrap kit

    Hi everyone I am a bit confused as too which manufacturer I should use to replace my idler pulley and would highly appreciate any advice given. On my 04 e55k (engine m113k) the double ribbed pulley(idler pulley) needs changing, a company called UPD offers a 5 piece pulley set so I can replace...
  7. chubbs111

    for sale bury 9058 hands free kit

    FOR SALE bury 9058 touch screen hands free kit,3 months old,comes boxed with all parts and instructions,cost£90 will accept £50
  8. AngryDog

    Belt wrap kit / Belt Slip

    What belt wrap kits are available? Are they a necessity? I do not know if I get belt slip, I do not know what it would be like even if I was getting it. Is a belt spray a viable option?
  9. AngryDog

    Parrot phone kit in W211 E55

    I will be wanting to fit a Parrot phone kit to a W211 E55 should I buy one. I believe that it has the Command audio system. How is the best way to do this? Thanks.
  10. E

    E class (w211) phone kit replace

    I managed to take out the old phone adaptor which was located in the arm rest. Its for an old nokia 6300 series. Is there anything else i can plug in in its place, somthing to connect to more modern phones may be? or a blue tooth receiver ? Thanks
  11. V

    Camber/caster out and where to fix it in Dublin area

    Hi guys 1st post here, hello. I´m experiencing the well known exaggerated pulling left in a used 2003 CLK I bought 3 months ago and I don´t know where to find help. Im in Dublin area. wheel aligment is out of range for caster camber currently in front left wheel. I visited several...
  12. Alex

    MB Terminal Extraction Kit

    Can anyone recommend an extraction kit that covers most of MB connectors? I have a couple of small sets and still resort to using paper clips and cotter pins. There's a few sets on eBay and Amazon so I suppose I'm just after some advice as to which covers the most of MB connectors. Thanks.
  13. Z

    AMG body kit W202 95 year

    For sale AMG body kit for W202 Price 500 eur +shipping More information PM
  14. M

    2002(52) mercedes e500 avantgarde saloon 5.0 v8 automatic with amg styling kit

    Full Details Mercedes E500 Saloon Automatic with AMG Styling Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 3rd September 2002 – 52 Reg • 5.0 litre V8 Engine • Automatic & Tiptronic Transmission • 84,434 miles only with Full...
  15. Brabus1408

    Brabus D6-III Eco Power Xtra Tuning kit - **BARGAIN**

    Ladies and gentlemen, I have the following for sale in used, but very good condition, which was previously fitted, with great success, to my 2008 Mercedes C320 CDI. Brabus D6-III Eco Power Xtra Tuning kit - increases power to 272bhp and toque to 590Nm. Data rom the Brabus website: BRABUS...
  16. M

    Bury bluetooth kit Music x 2 for sale

    Hi Since both my wife and I changed cars last year I have 2 Bury CC9060 Music bluetooth kits for sale. The Bury kit is, when installed, very easy to use and will allow you to play your music from your phone through your car speakers. And as the fine for using a mobile in your car has gone up to...
  17. P

    H&R 29028-1 Lowering Springs Kit (20mm) - Mercedes W204 C63

    Bought these to go on my 2012 C63 Coupé but never got round to fitting them. Still sealed in original box. 20mm drop H&R part number: 29028-1 Looking for £270 shipped within the UK. Any questions, please ask!
  18. B

    Tabac-Original Sonax AMG Mercedes C-Class DTM Tamiya Kit

    Not for me but someone on here will love this Tamiya AMG Kit Tabac-Original Sonax AMG Mercedes C-Class DTM Tamiya Kit | eBay
  19. clk320x

    Headlight Restoration Kit Recommendation

    As a lot of people on the forum have older cars which are often plagued with the clouding headlight problem I thought I would post this. Yesterday whilst looking on Amazon I found the 'Quixx headlight restoration kit' -and as it was available for the bargain price of £10 I thought it was...
  20. Cyclone1

    KW HAS Coilover Kit - CLS/E63 Biturbo

    Hi All, I have for sale a set of KW (HAS) height adjustable springs. They have done approx 9k miles. I bought them from the US but have never fitted them as I ordered some H&R springs at the same time and they arrived first, so were fitted to my car. They lower the car by 15-30mm at the...
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