C CLass air con noises

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Sep 18, 2013
2011 C Class Petrol saloon
I have a 2011 C Class petrol saloon. The air con, when heating, suffers from buzzes and creaks. The buzzes I put down to stepper motors in action and the creaks to noisy flow adjusting flaps.

The car has been to the dealer more than once but they do not want to get involved. The UK national customer service people tell me that these noises are normal and there is no fault indicated. I have written to head office in Germany but they just passed it back to UK CS and they won't get involved anymore. "It's normal!".

I have experienced these noises in another C Class on loan to me .....
But the noises are very irritating... The last C Class I had (2007) was completely quiet in operation.

Has any other club member experienced this? What can be done?
I get a creaking noise around the heater controls regularly, and not just when the air con is switched on. I thought for a while it was the plastic trim expanding as the temp rose, now I am not so sure what causes it. In fact I have not noticed it for a while so it either stopped or I have switched off to it. I'll let you know.

There is definitely no buzzing noise so I would debate the "normal" rebuttal.
In my case the dealer has said it's the control unit behind the cover that needs replacing! I find the creaking noises become more noticeable when driving on tarmac with coarser surfaces, smoother tarmac it drives fine. There is a new one on order, so we'll see if that fixes the problem!

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