C200 W205 2019 Model - How to make center radio display default to list of preset stations

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Jun 18, 2023
2019 C200 Estate
I have had my 2019 C200 estate since new. It has the larger 10.1" central screen but with the older style analogue mph and rpm dials in the driver's display. Between those 2 dials is a small colour LCD display with various options that can be selected from the right side steering wheel control pad. Ever since MB Southampton initially set up the car for me, when selecting "Radio" on the central screen it has always defaulted to my small list of preset stations that are very easy to scroll though to get the wanted station. Until yesterday that is! For some reason the central screen woke up to only showing the complete list of FM and DAB stations which is a very long list! (I have no reason why, but probably I pressed a few wrong buttons recently.)

So I sat down to find out how to get the central display to default back to the preset radio list. After extensive searching in the online manual and loads of advice found via Google I was still none the wiser. Then I sat in the car and went through every menu option for the radio I could find in that central display and still could not find a solution. It was easy to add, delete and move presets in the list, but seemed impossible to make the display default to show that list. In desperation I looked at the small LCD display in front of the driver. Hey presto I found the radio Icon, selected that by pressing on the steering wheel control pad and up popped options for "Presets", "FM/DAB radio" or "AM Radio". I pressed on the "Presets" option and it was all solved! The central display now defaults to the list of preset radio stations. (See images below.)

One thing I have learnt about the C200 is that there are at least 2 ways to do anything in the multimedia system, so probably there are other ways to achieve this. But I thought I would share this tip in case anyone else is as stumped as I was.


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